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Be Free, Be Creative

Your elohim character is not perfect. Like humans, elohim can make choices. If this were not so, none would have chosen to rebel. Make your character interesting. It is okay to say your character has a tendency toward thinking or behaving a certain way. They can have things to overcome. Your character should have a unique personality that develops and flourishes over time. Some players find that having a Discipline in mind for their character helps to define their motivations better and kickstart their personality.

Many times you will be given instructions to accomplish a goal, but will not be told exactly how to go about it.  Think freely about how your specific character may rise to the task. Seek the Most High for guidance through his Spirit and grow along the way. 

One of the major advantages of a live, interactive game over one that is run by digital programming is the level of realism that is available. Find ways to be creative with your gameplay. Give your elohim a real personality. Stretch the rules. Make the Host work hard. It’s not only their job to find a way to work in new ideas, but it’s also their job to reward those who come up with them.

One common example of a twist to gameplay, would be unexpectedly charging through a wall. Elohim can pass through solid physical objects, but cannot see through them. When passing through a wall, you would probably receive a penalty to your actions until you can Perceive your surroundings. You probably would also Surprise those on the other side of the wall, giving them a penalty in reacting to you.

Now let’s suppose you have a situation in which you are crouched on a building and it is being approached by an unholy Warrior. The Warrior is focused on their business and hasn’t noticed you. You note the speed at which the Warrior is progressing and the direction in which they are headed. You quickly drop down through the roof and then charge out through the wall, estimating the Warrior’s location since you last had visual contact. The Warrior is caught off guard by your actions. In this case the Host would probably reward you with an advantage, such as Surprise, or maybe a Boon to you Strike roll.

As you play, keep in mind the freedoms you have in a story-based game. Using your creativity will help give you an advantage while also making the game more fun and interesting.