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Excerpts from the Elohim

Writing Excerpts

(While they bear no risk of forgetting their own experience, some elohim write of their thoughts and experiences as a means of expression or sharing.) 

Excerpt from Palael the Minstrel: 
"I am excited this day… 'Day.' I still marvel at these concepts, day and night. I probably would have just made there be light all the time. But the way the Most High did it, sun, moon, stars. They all work together in such a way I cannot adequately describe the beauty and the nuance. Elyon could replace the sun himself if he chose through his manifest Angel. But this way was his choice and I have already been inspired to create two songs about its splendor.

“I have also been observing these new beings the Most High has created, especially the man and woman. Their physical bodies are a puzzle to me. They must feel so confined and yet also so defined. Or maybe not as they have never known any different existence. Someday I may approach them to speak, but not yet. This is all so new I am trying to take it in slowly. I want to appreciate each detail. What need is there to rush?"

Excerpt from Taphasel the Warrior: 
"After I gained awareness, after my own creation, I watched as the Most High continued his work. He took the formless chaos and made it into form. The waters could not resist his will as he pushed them aside into seas to make room for the earth he desired. His power is immeasurable, incalculable.

“After this, I watched as he created life. Plants, birds, beasts, fish, and finally humans. I observed as the Most High gave the humans a form of his power. Not power to create with a word, no. That power remains Elyon’s alone. But he gave them the ability to subdue the earth and the other creatures. The man shapes and controls the plants. The man named the other creatures, determining what they would be called. And the Most High gave the man another like him that should be his helper. The man is given so much authority over his corner of the creation. I shall watch and see what he does with that authority.

“The man rules, but he is just a thing made by the Most High and not even a thing without the Most High. Elyon conquered nothing and made something. Then he gave one of the things the power to rule the other things while still to him they are just things. That is true power.” 

Excerpt from Nahael the Minstrel:
"In the grand garden the Most High dared
create some new creatures with whom he would share
his rule and image that they should portray,
but they ate the fruit and he took it away.

“He guided them out not to let them back in.
He gave them some furs to cover their skin.
He cursed the foul serpent who told them his lies.
He cursed all the soil they’d work for their lives.

“They left in disgrace. They left in despair.
They’d ruined the lives they had way back there.
Now, where were they going? They dared not a guess.
‘Just not going back’, they had to confess.”

Excerpt from Saddiqel the Ministering Spirit:
"I watched as the Cherubim escorted the man and the woman outside of the garden. I saw the sadness and remorse the humans displayed. I saw no remorse in my brother, the Cherub who tempted them. No, my brother’s eyes were empty. Elyon’s light was not present. Only darkness. Void.

“This terrified me to my core. How could one empty themselves of the source of everything? What would be left? Could I become like this? I do not want to know. I am resolved and must cling to the Most High and his righteousness.

“What could have been my brother’s motive? Why would he do such harm? I am told that he envied the human’s purpose of bringing righteous order to the earth outside the garden. I have heard he thought himself more worthy. I have heard he thought the humans are unworthy. Maybe he thought both. He helped the humans take knowledge that was not given to them. They were immature. He demonstrated that. But what did his treachery accomplish?

"His new station is appalling to me. This brother is cursed to continually highlight the unrighteousness in humans. We should be helping them. Cooperating to bring them to maturity. It would have been magnificent.

“Now the humans are cursed and also blessed with a mortal body. The curse is obvious in seeing how they are changed and diminished. The blessing is less obvious. Their bodies can die and so their depravity has an end. They can be restored after leaving those cursed and corrupted bodies behind. I see no end to the depravity of my brother. He is changed too, but he is forever so. No portion of him is temporal. I struggle as to why the Most High has allowed him to continue rather than ending him in an instant. I do not yet understand the righteousness in that. I trust it is there. It is just beyond my grasp.”