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Important Times & Events

At the Creation, in the beginning, Elyon, the Most High, created the heavens and the earth and all that are in them. In the heavens he created the stars, planets, and other elohim. On the earth he created all manner of living creatures including humans. Elyon had created a garden on a mountain, a place suitable for him to dwell, called Eden, and placed the man, Adam, in the garden and created a wife from Adam's own flesh, named Eve. The earth had been formless and void. Elyon spent the first half of creation giving it form, ordering chaos. He spent the second half of creation filling the void, creating life. After this Elyon rested in his throne and instructed the humans as to their purpose. They were created as an image of God. They were to continue his work and cultivate the earth. They were to rule his earthly kingdom with him. They were to multiply and fill the earth. They would be the gardeners who would spread the garden and themselves grow along with the creation they would cultivate from "very good" to perfection. Elyon would dwell with them and guide them in this process and would include his divine council of elohim to aid in this.

Garden of Eden_1920x1371.jpgThe Garden Rebellion interrupted this plan. Elyon had to arise from his rest to deal with sin and disobedience. The first man, Adam, and his wife, Eve, were tempted by an elohim here called the nachash, (the word could mean serpent, shining one, and/or diviner), to disobey Elyon. This serpent of an elohim was envious that the Most High had created other imagers rather than giving him and other elohim this dominion. He would show the Most High just how unworthy the humans were of such honor. The crafty serpent coaxed the humans claiming Elyon had not been forthright with them. If they would just eat the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, they would not die as Elyon had presented. They would become like Elyon.

They were persuaded and ate of the tree. When they did so, they did become like the Most High and the lesser elohim in knowing good from evil. However, they also put themselves in a cursed position, having done what was right in their own eyes and not trusting Elyon's instruction. Consequently, the Most High Elyon drove them out of his garden. This exile from his direct presences was itself a spiritual death. Being cut off from the tree of life, no longer renewing their flesh by eating from it, they would suffer spiritual death. Indeed, their death was twofold. Rather than continue Elyon's work and displaying his image by bringing order and life to the world outside Eden, Adam and his wife brought with them disorder and death.


The serpent was also now cursed. This elohim had been envious of the human's dominion. Elyon gave the serpent dominion over the dead. The serpent wanted to test humanity. Testing humanity would now be the elohim's given role. The Most High would put enmity between the woman's seed and the seed of the serpent. Elyon predicted that the woman's seed would crush the serpent's head and that the serpent would bite his heel. The serpent was cursed to eat dust, and man was reminded that he was made from dust and to dust he would return. All mankind would eventually die and enter the serpent's dominion. Mankind had been in Elyon’s garden and charged to fill and subdue the earth, cultivating the garden and filling the earth with it. Now man would have to fight against a cursed and uncooperative environment just to survive. 

Gen 6_1-8_1920x1371.jpg

In the Watchers’ Rebellion, the depravity of mankind was increased through the transgressions of the sons of God. Watchers who had been assigned to instruct and guide the humans were instead tempted by the beauty of human women and the idea of having children for themselves. Instead of raising up the humans, these elohim lowered themselves to be like the humans, following their own desired and not the purposes of their Creator. The Watchers tutored mankind teaching them a variety of stolen mysteries that led only to increasing sin and wickedness. Knowledge of war, seduction, spells, sorcery, the cutting or roots and how to divine knowledge by reading lightning flashes, stars, shooting stars, and the earth, sun, and moon.

Rise of the Nephilim_1920x1371.jpg

The women bore the rebellious Watchers hybrid, bastard children who were giants upon the earth. These giants dominated humanity and had a taste for blood. They furthered the spread of wickedness throughout the earth. The Most High saw how far the earth was from his purpose and he became sad he had created humanity. 


Again, the Most High would have to arise from his throne to address the rebellion of both humans and elohim. The Most High commissioned four archangels to instruct Noah on how to be saved, stir the giant bastards to kill each other in war, and bind the Watchers responsible for this widespread corruption. The Watchers would be made to watch their children perish and then be bound in the underworld until their judgement at the end of the age. Any who were condemned henceforth would be bound together with them in the abyss. The spirits proceeding from the slain giants would have no place in heaven, despite their fathers. Their spirits would be cursed to roam the earth in discomfort and torment humanity known as evil spirits. Then, the Most High sent a Flood that destroyed life on the earth and only Noah and seven others along with animals gathered to them were saved to try again to fulfill Elyon’s intended plan.

image-1650690212080.jpgAfter the flood receded, Noah and his family and all the animals exited the great ship they had build and were again told by Elyon to “multiply and fill the earth”.

It was during this time Noah petitioned Elyon for relief from the unclean spirits of the now deceased giants who were plaguing his family. The serpent from the garden, the original rebel who was assign to test humanity, counter petitioned. He asked for some of these spirits to be left under his command to fulfill his duty. In the end, Elyon locked away nine-tenths of the unclean spirits in the Abyss, but left one-tenth to the serpent.

Tower of Babel1920x1371.jpgTime passed, humans multiplied, and yet again they pursued their own ways. They displayed their Arrogance at Babel. Refusing to fulfill the mandate reiterated to Noah to spread out, multiply and fill the earth, they consolidated to build a city so they would not be “scattered over the face of the whole earth”. They also built a great tower “with its top in the heavens” so they could make a name for themselves. They would build a mountain of their own creation to bring Elyon down to them and they would convince him of their will rather than obeying his will. 

The Most High did come down, but not on the terms the people had planned. He would not be controlled, but instead controlled their circumstance by confusing their language so they could not be unified and would have to spread out as he had commanded.


At this time Elyon disinherited the nations. He placed members of his divine council as Princes over each nation and tasked them to rule with justice until the nations would become his inheritance once more. Yet again, Elyon further distanced himself from the creation he had intended to dwell with and rule through.

Later Elyon called out Abram, and the nation that would come from his lineage, to be his inheritance and serve as evidence that he had not fully abandoned his desires for the earth and humanity. But even with this people he placed the Archangel Michael as a caretaking Prince to them, himself maintaining a general distance from the people. His spirit dwelt among them but only select individuals could approach him directly and only at select times and along with prescribed ritual practices which were not to be deviated from. 

During the period of the Waiting, all of creation, both human and spirit, waited to see if and when the Most High would relent from his judgment and reconcile with the people. He had predicted that Israel would be the means through which all the nations would be blessed and that Israel would also be blessed through the nations.image-1650746771173.jpg

As the waiting continued, situations seemed to worsen. The spiritual Princes who began by ruling benevolently and pointing the nations toward the Most High, corrupted and started to accept and even demand sacrifice and worship from the humans. They twisted the stories of history and spun their own tales with endings they desired. Many cultures were told stories of the chief god being supplanted by another below him, most often a son. These Princes even reached beyond their borders and tempted Elyon's own people to worship them instead. The disinherited nations languished in sin, worshiping the gods allotted to them. The Most High condemned the disloyal Princes and pronounced a future sentence upon them. Meanwhile, Elyon wrestled constantly with the disloyalty of his own people. He always maintained an oft scattered remnant of faithful followers, but the peoples’ hearts were at large toward their own ends. Kings rose and fell and even the best proved unworthy of being the offspring who would crush the serpent. Likewise, the Israelite people proved unworthy of this as a nation, repeatedly needing drastic correction after falling into idolatry and worship of the wicked elohim and fellowshipping with demons. The offspring who would unite the roles of priest, king, and prophet to bless the world through the descendants of Israel seemed an unlikely event to ever transpire. 

image-1650747554226.jpgThe Reconciliation actually began with the Angel of the Lord, the manifest presence of Elyon, coming to the earth as a baby in the womb of a virgin.

The Watchers had produced hybrid children with humans. Some of the Princes twisted religions had rituals in which the human king, believed to be divine, would sire an heir and was also believed to be inhabited by a god during the process, making the heirs divine themselves. Elyon would produce a direct child and would not involve sexuality, but he would instead send his own manifestation to become the Son of Man, the promised offspring, permanently intermingled in nature with humanity. Elyon had been well aware that no human would ever be capable of being the promised offspring. He would do it himself.

While there had been some power struggles among the Princes, by this time the rebellious Princes had all aligned with the serpent of old, now called Satan and the Devil. His grip and power over the sinful humans and his command over the still plentiful unclean spirits was incredibly and conveniently helpful toward advancing their own ends. With judgment looming over them, they were keen to delay the plans of the Most High. When it became known that the offspring had come and that it was the human embodiment of Elyon's manifest Angel, Satan rallied the wicked spirits.  

image-1660277458478.jpgSatan pulled many strings and tried to have the divine child assassinated by human hands. Of course, Elyon foresaw and avoided these dangers. Satan waited until this Son of Man was grown and weak from fasting. The serpent had coaxed so many other humans, maybe he could tempt the humanity of this one. It would be masterful! And yet, it was not to be. The divine human repeatedly quoted the inspired scripture, intellectually defeating the serpent's every creative angle. The serpent had challenged the divinity of this human. The human had proven his divinity, not by evoking a miracle, but by displaying restraint. He had done the one thing humans has been failing to do all throughout history. He did not take matters into his own hands, but trusted matters in the hands of the Most High. This was indeed no mere human.

Afterward, this Son of Man began travelling, preaching, and healing. Further, so many of his words and actions called out Satan and the Princes. He was challenging them. The offspring had come, the Kingdom of Elyon was present, and Satan was even cast out of Heaven when trying to bring accusations against the Son of Man's disciples and those they preached to. His authority was theirs when they followed him. This had to stop.

The woman caught in adultery_1920x1371.jpg

As the Israelite religious leaders were affronted by the preaching of this Son of Man, Satan saw an opportunity. The priests wanted rid of the Son of Man, not recognizing him as the offspring. The Romans were not friends of these Israelite people and just wanted them to stay quiet and pay their taxes. And one of the Son of Man's twelve closest disciples had hooks of vice in him which Satan could pull to manipulate him.

Satan schemed and plotted in the minds of sinful humans and the timing was perfect. This was time at which Elyon's chosen people would remember the passing over of the angel of death, securing the the lives of the firstborn of Elyon's people. During this very celebration, Elyon's unique firstborn Son would be put to death by representatives of both Elyon's chosen inheritance and the disinherited nations. Limiting himself to the form of humanity as the offspring would be Elyon's undoing and it would come to an end by the hands of those he refused to abandon. 


It worked and the Son of Man was condemned by both groups of people. He was beaten, berated, mocked, and slain in a public spectacle. However, Satan should have known Elyon would not be outmaneuvered. Arrogant pride was the serpent's undoing. While Satan reveled in the irony of the Passover, there was deeper irony. The Son of Man was not the firstborn that needed saving from death. He was the Lamb that was to die and whose blood, applied on the wooden cross just as the Lamb's blood was applied to the wooden doorposts, would save the lives of so many others. The punishment for the sin of all mankind was taken by the perfect, sinless Son of Man and Satan's dominion hold over humankind was broken. Further, this Son of Man Resurrection_1920x1371.jpgduring his three days in the underworld took the authority over death and hell that had been held by the serpent. Then he arose back to life and preached this good news to those who had followed him. The kingdom of God was indeed at hand.

The power and stranglehold of sin had been defeated. The authority of the Princes over the disinherited nations could be escaped. The seed of the woman had indeed crushed the head of the serpent while the serpent bit his heel. Elyon's full plan had been hidden and obscured even from the elohim for if the rulers of this age had understood, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. The manifest Angel of Elyon in the flesh had demonstrated a human life lived as the Most High had intended and his death and resurrection freed others to live that same life, filling the earth with disciples and subduing the earth under the Most High's rule through the work of his human images. The Son of Man’s death and resurrection freed man from slavery to sin and also set in motion Elyon’s plan to reclaim the nations, bringing those who would believe in as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven under the Son’s rulership and out of citizenship in the fallen kingdoms of this world ruled over by the Princes. 

This could not be allowed to stand. Satan and the Princes proceeded to heaven to bring this up before the divine council. They had been given their kingdoms by the Most High himself, after all. What they met was the sword of the loyal Prince Michael and the elohim under Michael's command. Before this time, Satan and the Princes had been allowed access to the heavenly dwelling of the Most High as they continued their roles as assigned by the Most High. Satan was the adversary and tester of mankind. The Princes had not been dethroned, even though were not governing as the Most High had instructed them to. But now there was War in Heaven. They had conspired to kill the Son of Man, the manifest Angel of Elyon. This had been treason of the highest degree. They had believed their own stories where they imagined they as sons of God might supplant the Most High.

Michael and the loyal elohim fought against the serpent, and the serpent and the rebellious elohim fought back. They did not prevail, nor was a place found for them any longer in heaven. And the serpent was thrown down to the earth, and the rebellious elohim were thrown down with him. And Satan was angry, knowing his time was short. 

These events marked the beginning of the Reclaiming of the scattered nations. The Son of Man commissioned his followers to spread news of him throughout the Israelite lands and to the ends of the earth. But first, he instructed his followers to wait in Jerusalem until they were baptized with the Holy Spirit. Then the Son of Man ascended in a cloud to Elyon's side. The son did not rebel, kill, and supplant the father as in the Princes' stories. The Son of Man obeyed the Most High, gave his own life, and Elyon promised to willingly place the government upon his shoulders at a future time.

image-1663636857495.jpgThe followers waited and on the day of Pentecost, the feast of Harvest, it happened. A mighty wind, the Breath of Elyon came and rested on each of them as fire. They began to speak in other languages they did not know. Due to the festival of Pentecost, there were devout Jews from all different nations in Jerusalem. They were from foreign lands and each one heard the Son of Man's followers speaking in his own native language! They told of the Son of Man and what he had done, preaching, dying, rising, ascending, promising to return when the Most High declared. On the day of the feast of Harvest, the Holy Spirit gathered his initial harvest and about three thousand believed his message that day and were baptized, symbolizing their repentance of sin and commitment to the Son of Man. But there was another significant symbolism displayed that day. In reversal of the dividing of languages and disinheriting of the nations long ago, the Breath of Elyon unified languages and united people of many different nations.

The Waiting was over. The Most High had revealed his plan and the offspring had crushed the authority of the serpent and those who followed him. He was bringing the nations back under his wing, calling in those who would believe. In restoration of the original instructions to humans, the Son of Man's followers spread out and were fruitful by multiplying the number of those who have been presented with the good news of this message of life and hope, the long promised blessing that would come through Abraham's descendants. It had been thousands of years, but Elyon had not forgotten his promises. He had fulfilled them. Yet he also had not abandoned the law he had given to the people of Israel. The Son of Man fulfilled that law and even the sacrifices are continued as the followers of the Son of Man offer themselves as living sacrifices to Elyon, not living to please themselves, but living to obey his heart.

Satan and the Princes would fight against those who keep the commandments of the Most High and who hold to the testimony of the Son of Man. The only hope of these elohim is to spend their energy preventing or delaying the spread of this message of conquest over them. 

image-1650697757191.jpgThe Restoration is when the Son of Man will return and finally and fully enforce the victory he won during the Reconciliation. Once Elyon determines that the full number of the disinherited nations has come into the Kingdom of Heaven, then all Israel will be saved as well. Satan and the rebellious elohim will be cast into the lake of fire along with the humans who had followed them. The Son of Man will restore all of mankind who has believed in him into a perfect relationship with Elyon, no longer separated as a result of sin and rebellion. 

The ancient forces of chaos will be defeated and the righteous from all the nations will be invited to a feast prepared in honor of the Son of Man and his reception of his followers into the dwelling he has prepared for them. The government of the new world will be place on Son Man's shoulders to rule forever.

(These art pieces were made in cooperation with the Behold Yahweh project. Please consider supporting their efforts.)

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