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Meet the Creator

My Inspiration

During my years growing up, I have always been intrigued by roleplaying and fantasy games. While enjoying these games and the opportunities for fun they provided, I always wanted to move away from the dark themes interwoven into the fabrics of most of them. However, the allure of the games was largely attributable to those mystical and spiritual elements.

In general we are attracted to things that are not able to be fully understood. For this reason, magic, monsters, and mysticism stimulate our curiosity. As I have read the Bible and pondered its passages, I have observed that mythology within is beautifully presented, compelling, and full of mystery. Additionally, there is much food for stories of struggle, warfare, and intrigue. I had found a setting that has all the excitement while pointing to something positive that can uplift and edify the players.

image-1697946616521.jpgI hope people will have hours of quality fun, playing the roles of holy Watchers. I hope they will gain greater insight into their own selves. I hope they will see how God, through the teaching guidance of the Holy Spirit, can shape them into better and stronger people through the seeds of growth he plants in them.

Personal Info

As of this writing (end of 2023) I am an Ohio native, husband of 25 years, and a father of 12 children ranging from 23 years to 7 years of age. What is the boy/girl breakdown? We literally have 6 of one, half dozen of the other. We all enjoy games together and I love watching them become who they will be. In truth, most of the kids have a near clone in the group; different in some ways, but oh, so very similar. The two outliers are actually clones of Esther and me. I can only imagine how God looks at all of his children throughout the world and history as they grow and mature.

image-1697944800581.jpg(2018, I really need an updated picture, but at least this one has everyone looking decent!)

I graduated top of my high school class and went on to study vocal music at Otterbein University in Ohio, intending to go from there to seminary. That plan changed by the time I graduated. I moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work in distribution within the Christian music industry. I have worked in many fields ranging from manual labor to management to ministry and have been a real estate agent with my wife since 2014.

I have been developing, playing, and improving Allies of Majesty since 2000, spent most of that time reading and studying English Bible translations, Hebrews and Greek dictionaries, and books on the topic of the spiritual realm as presented in the Bible. In 2019 I was super excited to find Dr. Michael Heiser, The Bible Project, and later The Lord of Spirits podcast.  From that time on I have been rabidly devouring scholarly content and even purchasing and reading expensive and hard to find reference books on the topic. This scholarly scene is a world that most lay people are not exposed to, and has helped me to better understand the culture and beliefs of the ancient Mesopotamian people. This is all being incorporated into the lore of Allies of Majesty which has grown from simply being a cool roleplaying game about angels into a true ancient Near Eastern mythological experience.

(some of nostalgia from Allies of Majesty history)

-Anthony Diastello, Creator of Allies of Majesty