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Never Say “Die”

To make the game more exciting and realistic, most things in Allies of Majesty are decided in part by chance and then influenced by skill. Chance in Allies of Majesty does not represent “luck” or “fortune”. It is a way to account for facts that aid in realism. It accounts for the fact that the same being can try to affect the same object using the same means and have varying results.

An example of this would be examining a basketball player’s free throw percentage. The same player can launch the same ball at the same hoop; but sometimes they will make the shot, and sometimes they won’t. This happens because something minor has changed in the process. Maybe one of their fingers had changed its position on the ball. Maybe they were standing a quarter inch further left. It could have been one of many things that are virtually imperceptible. This kind of chance is represented by the rolling of dice. It is also worth repeating that the game is entirely determined by chance. Skill is then reviewed and allowed to influence the results of the dice.

There is also Scriptural support for God being the ultimate decider when He so chooses. Proverbs 16:33 in the New Living Translation says, “We may roll the dice, but the Lord determines how they fall.” 


In this Allies of Majesty only one kind of dice are used. These are twelve-sided dice, also referred to as d12s. (There is one circumstance where six-sided dice could be used if preferred, but this does not happen during gameplay.) While playing the game, you will often be told to roll a certain number of dice. That number will be expressed by listing the number of dice to be rolled in front of the variety of die. Seven twelve-sided dice would be 7d12.