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Numerical Significance

It does not take long exploring scripture to realize that numbers are important and carry symbolic significance to the writers. You will frequently find direct numbers like 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 40 as well as numbers that are multiples or combinations of these numbers such as 10, 14, 24, 80, 144. There are those who go to great lengths to try to decipher the meanings behind these numbers. Some who try to add in some kind of power to the numbers which is not implied. In most cases biblical use of significant numbers is a literary tool to stimulate a connection of ideas.

Allies of Majesty's rules system nods toward this use of numbers. In saying that I mean at almost every opportunity I have tried to include these numbers, but I have not tried to define their meanings or use them in targeted ways. The biggest reason for not targeting the use of the numbers is gameplay and balance. Simply including the numbers at all presents a significant game balancing challenge at times let alone trying to use specific numbers to convey a specific meaning.

This is a game first and foremost and the experience has to be well balanced to remain consistently fun. Still, I feel that using biblically significant numbers as often as possible serves to acknowledge that these numbers are intentional and meaningful in scripture. Their intentional inclusion in Allies of Majesty adds to the authentic feel and immersion of the game’s world.