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Prominent Figures

The Most High

The Most High, Elyon, is supreme and is the Creator of all things. He can be encountered through his wisdom, justice, strength, and most of all love. He is so great that he is experienced in multiple ways and expressions. Two of these are separate in function and yet remain one in being with the Most High. 

The Son, the Angel of the LORD, is the manifest presence of the Most High in the Old Testament, often spoken of or appearing as a second figure alongside and co-identified with the Most High. Through the incarnation, he took on humanity and now exists as both divine and human. During the Reconciliation, he acted in sacrifice and compassion, embodying the Most High’s love and mercy. From then and until the Restoration, he sits at the right hand of the Most High and intercedes for the saints so they can approach the holy throne. During the Restoration, he will administer justice and judgment.

The Holy Spirit, also known as the Breath of the Most High, is the outlet of the Most High‘s noncorporeal power upon the earth. The Spirit is also the entity that indwells or rests upon humans in scripture. After the Reconciliation, the Spirit began to abide within those who believe in the Son. The Spirit teaches believers about the Most High and his ways, and intercedes for believers as they pray. 

The Divine Council

The Divine Council is the collection of elohim, also at times referred to as “Sons of God”, who gather when the Most High holds court. This is not a council of equals. The Most High is not subject to this council and does not require its approval. They are present to participate by witnessing, agreeing with, and enforcing his decrees. One clear example of this is found in 1 Kings 22, but there are many others. 


Michael is the chief Warrior whose name means “Who is like God?”. He is the Prince over Israel and also leads the loyal elohim in warfare. 


Gabriel is the chief Messenger whose name means “God is my Strength”. He has had the honors of announcing the coming of the Christ and John the Baptist as well as appearing to the prophet Daniel. 


Raphael is the chief Ministering Spirit whose name means “God has healed”. Raphael is most commonly associated with healing. Some sources and traditions have credited him with various acts of healing including stirring the waters in the pool of Bethesda. Some also credit him with binding fallen elohim and imprisoning Azazel to await later judgment. 


Uriel is the chief Minstrel whose name means “God is my Light”. Some sources and traditions have credited him with standing guard of Eden, informing Noah of the coming flood, overseeing the punishment of the rebellious and lustful elohim who were mentioned in Genesis 6, and being associated with thunder and terror, and is called the “flame of God”. 

The Serpent

The Serpent is the father of lies and the author of sin. He is later called Satan, meaning “adversary”, which is a role commonly seen in Hebrew texts. He is also known as the great red dragon, the chaos serpent who is the ultimate enemy of the Most High's good creation. He was given dominion over the dead by the Most High as a punishment. Through his guile, he has also managed to become the ruler of the Earth for the time being, convincing the divine princes of the nations to give their allegiance to him. 

The Princes

The Princes are members of the divine council and have been given rule of the nations after the rebellion at Babel. After receiving their rule their hearts were eventually turned toward themselves and away from the Most High. They sought their own glory and governed in their own way, and not with righteousness and justice as the Most High had commanded. They were condemned for this by the Most High in one notorious council session. He again ordered them to govern justly and pronounced their eventual demise. Over time they pledged their loyalty to the Serpent and many became increasingly absent from the council. Michael, the Prince over Israel, is the only Prince that has remained loyal to the Most High. After the Reconciliation, the disloyal Princes were barred from heaven along with their lord, the Serpent. 


Abaddon, also know as Destruction, is the chief Warrior among the fallen. He organizes the fallen elohim to destroy the lives and works of others. He will one day be given command over unclean spirits from the bottomless pit of the Abyss as they torture the unsaved. 


Muth, also known as Death, is the chief Messenger among the fallen. He seeks to end the lives of those living in rebellion to seal their eternal fate. He also seeks to permanently silence devout saints. 


Nasha, also known as Deprivation, is the chief Ministering Spirit among the fallen. He seeks to deprive mortals of health, prosperity, security, contentedness, or any other good thing you can think of. This causes some to curse the Most High and others to become distracted with their unmet needs. 


Maddon, also known as Discord, is the chief Minstrel among the fallen. He seeks to rob the world of peace, constantly stirring up hatred, struggles, wars, and other disharmony.