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Treatment of Chronological Time

Chronological time can be problematic if handled rigidly in this game. Different Hosts will have different ideas for stories and those stories won’t always fall in a proper chronological order. Some Hosts will prefer modern storylines, some will prefer Old Testament settings, and some might prefer a time somewhere in-between. The same Host may even have different story ideas that jump from one time to another. 

In remembering that this is primarily a game to be enjoyed and not a theological textbook, it is recommended that time be treated very loosely. The elohim characters have been in existence during all of human history. Think of the varying mission timings as sometimes looking into journal entries of the character's history. Let the Rank of the character relative to the varying time periods take a back seat to the greater enjoyment of the game and the creative freedoms it brings for players and Hosts alike. If in one Mission you are helping a young orphan in 18th century France and the next Mission you are helping a king of ancient Israel, then relax and enjoy each story for what it is…. a unique story and a chance to have fun together.