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Behind the Lore

This is a place for those who are interested to further explore some of the scriptures, history, and reasoning behind many of the game's details. It is a work in progress, not exhaustive, and is given secondary attention under game development. However, it is something many people find interesting and have requested.

I am not dogmatic about most of these topics and love to engage in respectful discussion about them. I do not expect players to agree with all of the things detailed here, but they will lead to an increased understanding of the game's lore.

Biblical Angelic Divisions

There are a few angelic titles mentioned in the Bible, but few of them are explicit in their mean...

Are the Four Orders Accurate?


The Watchers Rebellion

NOT STARTEDSecond temple manuscripts, Genesis 6, Peter, and Jude refer to the elohim who  

The Satan

The New Testament seems to designate Satan as the leader of darkness, yet we’ve heard little of h...

Spiritual Beasts


Unclean Spirits


Dragons and Mythical Creatures


Before and after the flood

Natural Elements in the Bible

Elements of Disorder & Decreation

Chaos Barrenness Darkness

Seeds & Trees

Seeds and trees are a very prevalent theme in the Bible. In Allies of Majesty we use the seed to ...



Armor of God

Invariably people will ask if Allies of Majesty includes special Items for the Armor of God in Ep...

Head Covering

"Why do you not have holy elohim cover their heads?" Advanced warning, this topic will get into ...

Humanity's Purpose vs. Humanity's Predicament

UNFINISHED Mankind's story is one of pain and injustice. That's their story, but it's not their ...

Humans & Beasts

Humans rulers, like elohim

See, Good, Take

The biblical pattern of seeing something is good, desiring it and taking it Trusting God vs. exe...

Seed of the Woman, Seed of the Serpent


Firstborn vs. the Younger

AAA Redemptive Types (last Adam)


Throughout the Bible, we catch glimpses of Yahweh calling his heavenly family together to meet wi...