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Treatment of Theology

Allies of Majesty is intended to be a playground where you can interact with and explore ancient Judeo-Christian ideas. Atheists, agnostics, and people of other faiths can engage with the content as they would a game built around Greek or Norse mythology, exploring historical ideas they may not cling to themselves. Christian and Jewish players will find deeper relevance in the subject matter.

The primary intent is to have fun while immersing your mind into holy matters. When something is encountered that sounds strange, allow yourself to wonder where it came from. Let your imagination be captured by biblical imagery and concepts. The game is saturated with it. Become immersed in the cultural context of the biblical authors and their original audience. Even when your chosen earth setting is a modern one, the spiritual realm remains shaped around ancient ideas. There is much more literary mastery in the Bible than most people have been taught to recognize, and that includes most Christians.

In short, Allies of Majesty is not intended to define your theology, but to help you explore ancient ideas that can inform and enhance your theology. The ideas incorporated are a reflection of what has been written long ago. As much as possible, I try to avoid incorporating modern interpretations and sensibilities. Being a modern person, I cannot achieve that goal completely and ask for your understanding.

In the end, Allies of Majesty is a fictional game worldI assure you, nothing in this game world is haphazard. Most details have symbolic relevance while also contributing to a playable and understandable game system. For example, I don't believe the angelic Orders - Warrior, Messenger, Ministering Spirit, and Minstrel are literally how the spirits of heaven are created and divided. These ideas are, however, directly formed from accounts appearing in scripture, do not conflict scripture, and accurately embody important scriptural concepts. So, the angelic Orders are not literally accurate, but they are scriptural and they work well in a roleplaying system requiring definitions, rules, character progression, etc. The thought and research behind this world design choice and others will be linked at the bottom of wiki pages in a section called Behind the Lore. See the below for a sample of how the links will show up at the bottom of relevant wiki pages.

As is the nature of roleplaying games in general, you can change or tweak what you want or need to. Please do so with thoughtfulness. Explore where an idea came from before changing or discarding it. Please don't mangle it into something it is not. But, it is in your hands to enjoy how you will. What I create is a starting point, not an end point; a seed for what will grow from your own experiences with your friends and family.

Behind the Lore Topics: