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Bestial Elohim

Catalogue of Evil

Bestial elohim are among the most twisted of the rebellious elohim. This chapter discusses the varieties and mutations of these vile spirits.

Social Interactions

Rules & Gameplay

This section deals with the ways in which elohim interact with and influence each other and humans.

Wings & Horns

Character Creation & Advancement

This section goes into more depth about the appearance and meaning of wings and horns displayed by elohim.

The Dice Roll

Rules & Gameplay

A simple, single section and yet so very central of how the game is played.


Rules & Gameplay

A comprehensive treatment of combat in the spiritual world of Allies of Majesty.

Spiritual Presence & Sensing Spirits

Rules & Gameplay

This section deals with ways in which the presence of holy and unholy spirits affects an area and how they can become aware of each other. It also explores how these spirits discern further details about each other and or avoid each others notice.

Space & Time

Rules & Gameplay

This sections explores the use and occupation of space and moving through it. It also covers the treatment of time and the passage of it during gameplay.

Tutorials & Aids

Rules & Gameplay

Tutorials and aids to help you explore the Allies of Majesty game system.

Gameplay Tools & Tips

Host Resources

Helpful thoughts and resources for a more smooth and enjoyable play session.

Unholy Elohim

Catalogue of Evil

This chapter highlights the effects of corruption on the various elohim and any associated Disciplines when they when they look to themselves rather than the Most High.

Items Guide

Host Resources

This chapter covers details regarding the various kinds of Items: General and Limited Use Items, Covenant Items and Articles of Dominion, Consumable Items, and Signet Rings.

Crafting Missions

Host Resources

Introduction to Allies of Majesty


A very basic overview of the Allies of Majesty

Awarding Honor

Host Resources

As the game progresses, missions will be completed, unholy enemies will be Defeated, and Items will be turned over to Holy Holds for safe keeping. Along with these events, Honor will also be awarded to the holy elohim who have participated in their completion....

Breach Commander

Modes of Play

Wave 3 (Full Game)


Adding the Wave 3 Rules will have you playing the full game rules. This is not the end, however. There is still more variety ahead in character options and new play modes as your character gets stronger. Enjoy!

Wave 2 (2nd Layer Complexity)


The Wave 2 Ruleset introduces more advanced concepts that add variety and fun to general gameplay and each of the Orders. Wave 2 is not the full game. Some of the most exciting concepts are in the final Wave. As soon as your are comfortable with Wave 2, you s...


Host Resources