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Are There Social Abilities?


to Perceive
measures how easily an elohim notices details.


vs. Perceive
measures how well an elohim avoids being noticed.

The other Social Attributes measure how easily an elohim can influence others or be influenced by others. They are categorized by the desired reaction of the Target. These kinds of reactions are Excite, Soothe/Subdue, and Affirm/Aim.


Excite includes intentions to increase an emotion or reaction within the Target. Exciting an ally could raise his confidence or induce a passionate response of some sort. Exciting an enemy could cause anger, fear, or even cause them to flee.


Soothe/Subdue includes intentions to reduce a specified emotion or reaction within the Target. Soothing an ally could restore calm, reducing fear or anger. Subduing an enemy could reduce confidence, diminish burning passions, or even cause them to surrender.


Affirm/Aim includes intentions to solidify or prolong emotions the Target is currently experiencing. It can also include attempts to focus those emotions in a specific direction. Affirming or Aiming an ally could bolster their resistance to hostile Social Interactions or improve their focus on their goal. Affirming or Aiming an enemy could steady a situation, prevent them from receiving friendly influence from their comrades, redirect their focus elsewhere and even potentially away from pursuing further Conflict with the elohim.