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What are the Characters Like?

Characters in Allies of Majesty can be one of the 4 basic Orders: Warrior, Messenger, Ministering Spirit, Minstrel. Players can also choose to be any combination of these Orders, even all 4.

Warrior edit.jpgWarriors have the face of a lion, representative of kingship, fierce courage, and valor. Warriors have a strong sense of honor and duty, are very capable fighters, and can use any weapon. Their superior Might and incredible Endurance allow them to both dish out and withstand much. Their strong Resolve enables them to press on, even in the face of their own peril.

Warriors excel at employing practiced Maneuvers, gaining additional benefits when using them. Maneuvers allow the Warrior to choose from a variety of special Strikes or defenses to suit their desired Fighting Style.

Messenger_front.jpgMessengers have the face of an eagle, representative of deity and soaring high above all things. They are often tasked with delivering news, observing and reporting, and sometimes appearing in dreams, visions, or even in manifested form. They possess incredible Swiftness and Control enabling them to avoid unnecessary conflict or engage them from afar using a bow or sling.

Messengers can learn Maneuvers, but their keen Perception is their most unique skill. Messenger use their Perception to gain needed information, notice the presence of others, and avoid revealing their own presence before they wish it known.

Ministering_Spirit1.jpgMinistering Spirits have the face of an ox, representative of the tireless servant possessing the Endurance to bear the burdens of others. The primary concern of Ministering Spirits is the well being of those around them, but they also have an intense reverence for Elyon and his righteousness. They are the protectors and healers of the armies of heaven.

Ministering Spirits use their Resolve to bolster their allies or hinder their enemies through unique abilities called Spiritual Effects.

image-1666500269909.jpgMinstrels have the face of a man, representative of passion and potential. They serve as lead worshipers of the armies of heaven and have the most Passion of all elohim. Minstrels largely set the tone of the atmosphere around them. Some would say it takes more Control for them to remain silent rather than sing. Elyon is the reason for their excitement, and they readily direct their Passion against those who oppose him.

Minstrels pour their Passion into Songs that inspire their allies and challenge their enemies. Minstrels with enough Control can also layer multiple Songs together.