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How are Basic Attributes Used in the Game?

War Attributes

War Attributes translate Basic Attributes or other qualities of an elohim into factors that are commonly referenced during gameplay for ease of use.

Force determines how much Wear to Endurance an elohim can inflict with each Hit in their Strike rolls. Force is derived from Might.

Guard is an elohim’s ability to resist or evade the Strikes their opponents direct at them. Guard is derived from both Might and Control.

Precision is an elohim’s ability to more accurately Strike an opponent. This counters the opponent’s Guard value. Precision is derived from Control.

Speed determines the amount the elohim can accomplish during a game Cycle. Speed is derived from Swiftness.

Stamina is an elohim’s ability to continually act without tiring. Stamina is derived from Endurance.

SPP (Song Potency Points) are a means of easily assigning Passion into Songs and measuring the elohim’s ability to get more out of Boosting Songs affecting them. SPP are derived from Passion.