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Honor for Missions

Being elohim in loyal service to the Most High means the player characters will be given missions to go forth and achieve. Elohim are rewarded with Honor for completing these mission. They are awarded some Honor even if they tried in good faith but failed. Willing obedience is held higher than achievements. Characters are also awarded Honor if they are attentive and can do other good in the Most High's name outside their specific mission.

Mission Honor

As general guidelines for Mission Honor, consider how long the goal will take the characters to complete, how impactful the goal is, and how many people are impacted by it. Completing a basic mission completely will generally give around 3000 Mission Honor. This would usually be goals that can be reasonably easily achieved and are helpful but not monumentally impactful or affecting more than a few people. A very large amount of Mission Honor for a single goal would 7000 Honor. This would most likely be a goal that 

Sometimes elohim will be given long-term assignments. Honor should be given to characters depending on the actual real life hours spent playing this out rather than amounts of time that are simply skipped past and uneventful. A very general rule of thumb is that characters playing out entire sessions of day to day occurrences with no particular Mission should receive around 1,000 or so Honor for just doing their duty. The Honor value could be adjusted based upon the overall weight of that duty.

 Bonus Achievement Honor

It is always good to have plans for Bonus Mission Honor should be determined

Mission Honor Guidelines

Regular Mission Honor

3,000-7,000 Honor per primary Mission

Long-Term Mission Honor
750-1,500 Honor per hour of play with no Mission  

Bonus Achievement Honor
500-3,000 Honor per Achievement

Partial Honor

Sometimes the players will do their best, but in the end they will fail. This should be an expected occasional occurrence in Allies of Majesty. There is no character death. There should be no reason the characters will not sometimes face a threat too great for them to overcome. This is more true to life. Those who are humble will find their most formative moments in defeat. The Most High will use defeat to shape and mold his servants. If the characters never face defeat, you should consider notching up the difficulty you present them with until they do. A healthy ratio is somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-20% of the time that the characters should . 

When the characters fail in their mission