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Rank Appropriate Missions

Allies of Majesty is a unique setting and one of the first temptations many new Hosts will confront is the desire to participate behind the scenes in the coolest or most epic stories found in scripture. While this is indeed an exciting opportunity, there is an important factor to keep in perspective. The Tier and Ranks of your players' characters.

If your players are all playing as 1st Heaven elohim, would it make sense to have some of the lowest Ranking elohim on this specific mission? What unholy elohim will have their hands in the situation? Many of the most exciting stories in scripture are matters of national magnitude. National affairs are the domain of princes. Creative storytelling can work out some pretty interesting solutions, but make sure the assignment makes sense and is appropriate for the group. What if the group is serving as support for more powerful elohim? This is one example of a way to help lower Rank involvement make a little more sense. 

Also consider, what is there to build to after this mission? If you place the elohim into epic stories right out of the gate, what more is there for them to achieve? Will going back to tasks that are mundane in comparison feel like a let down and sour the gaming experience?

Consider having lower Rank elohim taking care of individuals of seemingly little significance. This is a great opportunity to teach humility and to also demonstrate other valuable lessons. For instance, no one is insignificant to the Most High. Also, seemingly insignificant humans can actually have a larger impact than their earthly status. One of the most potent examples of this are human prayer warriors. These humans have ears to hear the Spirit of the Most High and often respond to his guidance with tireless and intense supplications. Praying humans are the most overlooked and most powerful executors of the Most High's commission to mankind. They wield the authority given to humanity over the material creation and cooperate with the Most High to bring about his will on the earth as it is in the heavenly realm. 

As the characters advance in Rank and Tier, their assignments can become weighty and challenging. With the humility and perspective gained at lower Ranks, they will be better equipped to handle these greater challenges. They will also better appreciate the honor of being chosen for greater tasks. They will more likely view the assignments with the proper gravity. They may have a greater feeling of accomplishment looking back on their prior experiences and then looking forward to their new assignments.