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Allies of Majesty Wiki

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I love taking part in a story, customizing and advancing my characters, and making tactical decisions that change the course of combat.
I also love exploring and learning about the ancient biblical view of our world and its condition. I love discovering new ways to view a thing I thought I understood.
Allies of Majesty combines these things into one experience. If you love these things too, welcome home!

-Anthony Diastello, Creator and Steward of Allies of Majesty

This wiki provides game documentation on the lore, characters, game mechanics and all other facets of Allies of Majesty. Allies of Majesty is a tabletop roleplaying game from a Christian perspective that features co-operative gameplay, tactical combats, fascinating lore, and morally uplifting storylines.

Allies of Majesty is currently in development and production and it needs you!
Join our game discord and/or email me today! This game will become what we make it. I can't do it alone.
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Allies of Majesty takes place in the world we know with one exception. In playing this game, we are operating from the perspective of elohim. The veil that separates the material and spirit realms is pulled back and we have knowledge of how the two realms intertwine...or at least how they might. In reality we know little about the spirit realm. Our most certain clues come from biblical passages. We can supplement and build upon these clues by examining other ancient writings and archaeological findings. Allies of Majesty combines scripture and imagination. It is not intended to be taken as fact, but great effort has been made to keep it true to the spirit of symbolism found in the dreams, prophecies, and spiritual encounters recorded in the Bible. 

AlliesMajestyLogo_smaller.pngIn Allies, good and evil are distinct. Elohim will either chose to serve the Most High, or to rebel against him to serve their own interests. Those elohim who follow the Most High must always walk a path that honors him and his righteousness. Those elohim who rebel have no means of redemption. Humans, on the other hand, often walk on both paths. Their hearts and actions can shift by the moment.

There is ongoing war in the spirit realm to influence the hearts of mankind. Satan has been given rule of this world for a time. The forces aligned with him possess great power and are well rooted. We faithfully follow the Most High's orders and attempt to complete the missions he lays before us. We are not victorious at every turn. We must, however, make every attempt to help each soul choose to embrace the Most High and the purpose with which they were created. Rebellion against this intrinsic purpose will instead lead them away from the light and toward that most horrible of all fates, the second death of the lake of fire created for Satan and those elohim aligned with him. We must support and protect those who hold fast to faith in the Most High. However, we must be careful to do so with discretion. the Most High's wisdom is beyond ours, and we must trust him to guide us, even when we do not readily understand. 

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it