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Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is a way to tweak Allies of Majesty for a simpler, more cinematic flow. It is handled in theater of the mind style, so there are no miniatures or standees, no terrain, and subsequently no measuring of Ranges or distances. It also simplifies Action Points making the game more relatable to players who may be familiar with games where characters can always do the same thing each time they get to act.

Quite a few RPGs are played as theater of the mind and if that is your group’s preference, you may choose to play Allies of Majesty in Adventure Mode regularly. For others, Adventure Mode may simply be a way to handle only certain battles or situations to resolve them more quickly and simply than by playing them out in full detail.

The following is a guide on how to modify Allies of Majesty for play in Adventure Mode:

  • Do not use physical manipulatives on a table.

  • All distances and Ranges become generalities.

  • Action Points reduced and standardized for every Activation.

  • Calculations for Adjustments and Wear can be estimated by the Host.

Do not use physical manipulatives on a table. All distances and Ranges become generalities. Many people may find it difficult to transition between processing numbers and engaging in imagination. One is technical and asks you to observe externally for answers. The other is imaginative and asks you to create answers internally. Reducing the number of things that pull you back into being technical can cut down the number of time-consuming processes and also allow you to better remain engaged in an imaginative frame of mind. If this is the desired experience, moving figures around established terrain and measuring with calculated inches are things that an be eliminated. Use your imagination and the Host’s verbal descriptions to consider how far away another character is. If unsure, ask the Host clarifying questions like, “Am I close enough to that enemy Warrior to Strike with my sword?”

Action Points reduced and standardized for every Activation. The War Scroll will work the same for determining which characters have Activations when. The difference will be what the characters can do each Activation. The official recommendation is that each Activation be treated as having 4 AP, but the Host can decide what works best for their table. 4 AP is enough for each character to Strike at least once or perform multiple quicker actions. The balancing of this number will be more apparent if using Maneuvers introduced in Muscle level play. Most importantly, 4 AP is not enough to draw the players into extended planning of the most effective use of their AP for the Activation.

Calculations for Adjustments and Wear can be estimated by the Host. Sometimes in Adventure Mode the Host will determine the number of Adjustments to a roll by memory or by estimating using their knowledge of the characters involved. When applying % changes to Wear, the Host may estimate the final Wear. Not pausing to determine exact numbers in every instance, again, can save a lot of time and help the Host and players to remain in a creative frame of mind.

Ultimately, the goal is flexibility. What do the people at the table want out of the gaming experience? What do time constraints allow? What does the specific situation call for? By having multiple ways to engage with the Allies of Majesty, more people can enjoy this awesome setting in the way they like best.

Here are a few keys to making playing in Adventure Mode run smoothly. Remember that the Host and players are all imagining everything. Sometimes things may be overlook or two people may have imagined something differently. The Host is the ultimate determiner and so feel free to ask the Host clarifying questions. Adventure Mode puts a lot of judgment calls upon the Host, but also offers the Host freedom from a lot of the math and tracking. If a player thinks the Host might not have accounted for something, they should ask the Host if that information may make any difference. If the Host affirms it was accounted for, don’t continue to ask about the same things each time. Continual and repeated delays will slow the flow of the game, which is antithetical to the goal of Adventure Mode to place emphasis on flow of the story over technicalities.