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Allies of Majesty's lore seeks to be an historical spiritual mythology. Every attempt has been made to present a world that aligns with the beliefs of the biblical writers and their culture. There are so many questions that do not have clear, biblical answers. Yet many of these details must be treated as known in order to have a world that is cohesive. There are many details that we mortals do not know, but that your characters, being immortal elohim, would know. For this reason we must assume some things and completely imagine others. When filling in missing details, we can be informed by the ideas presented in other Jewish writings of the time. A book does not have to be canonical to be useful. By reading other accepted contemporary works, we can gain a better idea of what ideas the biblical writers had in mind or were commenting on in some passages that seem otherwise mysterious to us.

Some things, like the organization of elohim into four created Orders, are very likely not reality. However, the imagery of each of the four Orders is drawn directly from scriptural encounters with elohim. Further, each Order's imagery presents a portion of the total picture of the Son of Man. Like the elohim names in scripture that all point to something about God, the same is true of each of the four Orders of elohim. They correctly represent conceptual truths that are found in scripture. The same can be said for the rest of the lore. Allies of Majesty seeks to be accurate in all of its truth propositions.

Despite our best efforts to present truth, elements of this game will still be found objectionable by some. As long as the problem issue is not tied to a critically central biblical tenet, such as Jesus Christ being the Son of God, feel free to tweak things as necessary for you and your playing partners to enjoy the game freely.