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Character Creation Steps

Character Creation & Advancement

Step 1: Choose Order Select the Order(s) embodies by your elohim. Make note of any special abilities (for Single-Order or Multi-Order Warriors, Messengers, and Ministering Spirits). Step 2: Honor, Rank, Tier, & Magnitude New characters will begin the game w...

Bestial Elohim Varieties

Catalogue of Evil Bestial Elohim

As discussed in the lore, some rebellious elohim have not only rejected the purposes they were given, but have also rejected their given appearance and the symbolism that comes attached to it. They have chosen to adopt another form and appearance that relate...

Unholy Dual-Order Disciplines

Catalogue of Evil Unholy Elohim

Warmonger The Warmonger is the corruption of the Field Commander. Warmongers love leading in Conflict for the sheer thrill engaging with the enemy provides. They will seldom pass up a chance at confrontation and are shrewd when engaged. They share their learn...

Unholy Minstrels

Catalogue of Evil Unholy Elohim

Unholy Minstrels have come to believe themselves to be better recipients for worship than the Most High. They have come to understand the power in their Songs and will use it to bend others to their will at every opportunity. They can make even the strongest b...

Unholy Ministering Spirits

Catalogue of Evil Unholy Elohim

Unholy Ministering Spirits still minister to and aid their comrades but their intentions are often more manipulative and transactional in intent. They most certainly expect something in return for their sacrifice and they will not forget a gift not returned in...

Unholy Messengers

Catalogue of Evil Unholy Elohim

Unholy Messengers no longer care about delivering the news of others except to the extent that it serves their own ends. If their services will gain them the Prestige needed to increase in Power, they will be persuaded. But Messengers often know when battle ha...

Power Among the Unholy

Catalogue of Evil

Elyon created all lesser elohim with varying degrees of spiritual strength and abilities. Some, such as Michael and the all the other princes were created as archangels from the beginning. Some say that this contributed to their corruption, save Michael, as th...

Unholy Warriors

Catalogue of Evil Unholy Elohim

Unholy Warriors have transitioned from loyally serving the Most High to serving their own desires for glory, power, or control. At lower Power they will often serve as guards and enforcers in order to gain enough Prestige to serve in a higher position or begin...

Bestial Mutations

Catalogue of Evil Bestial Elohim

More powerful bestial elohim include features of other creatures as well, mixing the symbolism and displaying their progressive vileness. Ziz, Behemoth, and Leviathan do not gain mutations from other bestial elohim, but instead increase in wickedness of their ...

Are There Social Abilities?

High Level Overview of Allies of Majesty

to Perceive measures how easily an elohim notices details. vs. Perceive measures how well an elohim avoids being noticed. The other Social Attributes measure how easily an elohim can influence others or be influenced by others. They are categorized by th...

Activation Checklists

Rules & Gameplay Tutorials & Aids

If you are using the Dry Bones level of play, use the Checklist below: Dry Bones Checklist ------------------------------------------------------------------------- As you Begin Your Activation:  Enter or leave Defensive Stance (Ministering Spirit) En...

Are there Attributes specifically for Combat?

High Level Overview of Allies of Majesty

War Attributes War Attributes translate Basic Attributes or other qualities of an elohim into factors that are commonly referenced during gameplay for ease of use. Force determines how much Wear to Endurance an elohim can inflict with each Hit in their Strik...

How are a Character’s Strengths and Weaknesses Expressed?

High Level Overview of Allies of Majesty

Overall power is measures by a character's Rank.  Accumulating Honor leads to promotion in Rank. Tier is a more overarching measure of status. Magnitude Magnitude is derived from Tier and measures the weight of a character's presence. Basic Attributes ...

What are the Characters Like?

High Level Overview of Allies of Majesty

Characters in Allies of Majesty can be one of the 4 basic Orders: Warrior, Messenger, Ministering Spirit, Minstrel. Players can also choose to be any combination of these Orders, even all 4. Warriors have the face of a lion, representative of kingship, fierce...

How is Allies of Majesty Played?

High Level Overview of Allies of Majesty

Allies of Majesty is a tabletop roleplaying game where players engage in cooperative storytelling. It is ideally played by 2-6 players, one of whom will function as the Host, presenting the story and controlling the environment for the rest of the players. The...

What is Allies of Majesty About?

High Level Overview of Allies of Majesty

Allies of Majesty is set in the world we know during any time period. One difference is that your character is an elohim, a spiritual being often called an angel. You play as an elohim loyal to Elyon, the Most High, eternal creator of all things. Your enemies ...

Excerpts from the Elohim

Core Concepts Lore

Writing Excerpts (While they bear no risk of forgetting their own experience, some elohim write of their thoughts and experiences as a means of expression or sharing.)  Excerpt from Palael the Minstrel: "I am excited this day… 'Day.' I still marvel at thes...


Rules & Gameplay War

Songs can be sung by Minstrels. The Minstrel sings using their Passion to inspire reactions in those who hear the Songs. Some Songs cause direct reactions in all holy elohim or all unholy elohim who hear them, while others cause symbolic manifestations that af...

Spiritual Effects

Rules & Gameplay War

Spiritual Effects can be used by Ministering Spirits. The Ministering Spirit uses their Resolve to produce effects in the spirit realm that manifest in unique ways. Allotment Range Initiating & Frequency of Use Timing & Resolution Choosing Targets Mult...


Catalogue of Evil Bestial Elohim

Represents: Gluttony, FerocityBears are motivated mostly by their insatiable hunger. They are never satisfied. While they are large, they are not slothful and do not tire easily. Motivated by their hunger, they can have bursts of speed when moving toward their...