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Unholy Dual-Order Disciplines


The Warmonger is the corruption of the Field Commander. Warmongers love leading in Conflict for the sheer thrill engaging with the enemy provides. They will seldom pass up a chance at confrontation and are shrewd when engaged. They share their learned skills with those on their side of the fight caring less about purpose of the fight and more about the opportunity to demonstrate superior tactics and claim another victory. 

Warmongers have all the same abilities and rules as Field Commanders.


The Tyrant is the corruption of the King Priest. Tyrants have abandoned any idea that their strength is for others and have instead concluded that others' strength should serve them. They enslave others and drive them mercilessly to serve their whims.

Tyrants abilities differ from the King Priest in a few ways:

  • Tyrants do not give any additional Guard if using Harden.
  • Tyrants transfer an additional Wear each time Uneven Yoke transfers Wear. Transfer an additional 2 Wear for Defiled and 3 Wear for Corrupt.
  • Tyrants can use Sacrifice versions for only 1 Action Point, 1 Exertion, and reduced Resolve Costs of 3, 7 for Defiled, and 12 for Corrupt.  


The Herder is the corruption of the Shepherd. Herders call upon the fact of human sin to justify their presence and actions. They seek to drive families, towns, and at higher Powers even cities deeper and deeper into sin. This only deepens their claims. To a Herder, all humans are pathetic examples of weak wills and contentious desires waiting to be set free to do as they please.

Herders have all the same abilities and rules as Shepherds.


The Corruptor is the corruption of the Preserver. Corruptors have seen the corruption of nature and are enraptured by its unique path when not contorted and controlled by those trying to impose order on an unwilling subject. The Most High may have intended mankind to spread the garden and help him perfect the earth, but to a Corruptor it seems so much more correct to let things go where them may. Don't subdue the wildness of nature. Set if free and help it to its desired end. Everything grows, changes, and then dies. The material world wants to twist its way into a glorious end of its own making. What more benevolent thing than to help it achieve that twisted end?

Corruptors' abilities differ from Preservers in that they gain Boon:1 when within 7" of a bestial elohim. They still pay only half the Resolve Cost for Presence versions and negate 1 level of Good Area Influence while using Presence versions. 

False Prophet

The False Prophet is the corruption of the Herald. These elohim find satisfaction in steering the people where they wish. They sow terror, judgment, and disgust at the harsh reality of truth all to make the masses compliant and vulnerable.

False Prophets have all the same abilities and rules as Heralds.


The Instigator is the corruption of the Intercessor. The Instigator stirs and agitates others into Conflict. Meanwhile the Instigator uses the Conflict to remain out of focus while others fight their battles they started and encouraged.

Their abilities differ from Intercessors in that they can learn Passion Family Spiritual Effects and Zeal Family Songs, but instead will not use Restriction Family Spiritual Effects and Slumber Family Songs. Also, they gain a 2nd free Target for Passion Family Spiritual Effects instead of for Undoing versions.