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Power Among the Unholy

Elyon created all lesser elohim with varying degrees of spiritual strength and abilities. Some, such as Michael and the all the other princes were created as archangels from the beginning. Some say that this contributed to their corruption, save Michael, as they did not develop the maturity that comes with a little power and the process of gaining it. While this may have made their corruption easier, it cannot be the sole contributor as is demonstrated by Michael's maturity and loyalty. Also, the Most High himself has never had to suffer with weakness (until the incarnation in which the Son of Man permanently took on humanity with all its weakness). On the contrary, all virtue is defined by Elyon's character and qualities.

Regardless of what led to their corruption, unholy elohim are no longer honored by the Most High and granted Seeds of Growth like the holy elohim. There is only one way for them to become stronger. That is at the expense of another unholy elohim. As unholy elohim fear other unholy elohim, the feared become stronger. Meanwhile the cowering spirits become weaker, having given up some strength to the other.

So, rather than Rank, unholy elohim measure Power. Rather than Honor, unholy elohim seek Prestige. This vampiric system leaves all rebellious elohim in a place where they are seeking to gain Power from others and seeking not to lose it to others. All loyalties and service is selfishly evaluated.
"Will this give me opportunity to gain Power?"
"Will this protect me from losing my Power?"