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Unholy Messengers

image-1694646469942.jpgUnholy Messengers no longer care about delivering the news of others except to the extent that it serves their own ends. If their services will gain them the Prestige needed to increase in Power, they will be persuaded. But Messengers often know when battle has become a fool's errand and with their traditionally low Resolve will often be the first to flee rather than suffer Defeat. If they can redeem the retreat by alerting reinforcements or salvaging Items from becoming loot for the enemy, they will use their Perception to evaluate the risk of the effort and proceed accordingly. 

Unholy Messenger Disciplines

The Harbinger is the corruption of the Evangel. Harbingers have deviated from delivering the messages of Elyon to delivering messages of their own or of those they serve. These messages still inspire, but not toward good ends. While they delivered for Elyon, their keen Perception enabled them to learn what elements of messages most inspired different recipients and this has enabled them to become quite persuasive and manipulative. The recipients of their inspiring messages often later find themselves feeling foolish, betrayed, or used. 

Harbingers have all the same abilities and rules as Evangels. 

The Sentry is the corruption of the Watchman. They use their vigilant Perception to watch out for those unworthy of protection and to help those who commit wickedness escape consequences as often as possible. They have seen the wickedness in other's hearts on display and it has soured their own. They take pride in rooting out a plan to ambush even approach those they stand watch over. Their vantage also gives them ample opportunity to flee if the situation warrants.

Sentries have all the same abilities and rules as Watchmen.

The Satan is the corruption of the Watcher. These are not benevolent observers and teachers, but keep record of wrongs and weakness and do not hesitate to bring them up before the Most High or to any who may be persuaded by the knowledge they relay. They especially enjoy the opportunity to expose those who claim to be good or allow others to think they are good for the frauds and hypocrites the Satans believe them to be.

Satans have all the same abilities and rules as Watchers.