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Unholy Ministering Spirits

image-1694646518248.jpgUnholy Ministering Spirits still minister to and aid their comrades but their intentions are often more manipulative and transactional in intent. They most certainly expect something in return for their sacrifice and they will not forget a gift not returned in some way. Their loyalty is valuable and they have not felt adequately appreciated by Elyon. They will make a name for themselves and believe it will be shown in the end who is most worthy. 

Unholy Ministering Spirit Disciplines

The Defiler is the corruption of the Cherub. They see to the desecration of would be sacred space and promote a defilement that, if possible, would be irredeemable. They encourage despicable acts, wicked rituals, and shameless self service in every space they oversee; anything that quench the light of the Most High and drive him and his agents further away. However, if his agents are foolish enough to encroach on the Defiler's space, they may find they cannot enter or may find it difficult to escape. 

Defilers have all the same abilities and rules as Cherubim.

The Diablos is the corruption of the Judge. The Diablos has witnessed the fickle nature of man too many times. They have been a part of setting things right, just to watch them go wrong again far too soon from an immortal's perspective. Diabloi have become convinced that humanity is a lost cause and that Elyon must be a fool for insisting on working in and through them. They have made it their intent to help things become so unjust and disorderly that the Most High will have no choice but to break his covenant, pick up his bow from the clouds, and destroy the corrupt world once again.

Diabloi have all the same abilities and rules as Judges.

The Pacifist is the corruption of the Peacemaker. The Pacifist has shifted from promoting inner peace and trust in the Most High at all times to promoting inaction in all circumstances. They encourage others to tolerate any injustice. They have too many times witnessed the Most High not intervene in circumstances they deemed worthy of intervention and so they now work to spread their hopeless view to others. Despite their convictions, they prove quite hypocritical as they aid warring rebels hoping to attain higher levels of Power to dissuade those who would abuse them or have even greater ability to enforce and impress their beliefs upon the world.

Pacifists have all the same abilities and rules as Peacemakers.