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Unholy Warriors

image-1694646441511.jpgUnholy Warriors have transitioned from loyally serving the Most High to serving their own desires for glory, power, or control. At lower Power they will often serve as guards and enforcers in order to gain enough Prestige to serve in a higher position or begin their own endeavor. As leaders, Warriors will often prefer their underlings regimented and organized. They rely on their martial skills and durability to carry them through enemy attacks and bring down foes.  

Unholy Warrior Disciplines

The Familiar is the corruption of the Guardian. Familiars will often be seen as personal guards for those with enough Power to command their protection. This path works well for them as their position grants them desired Prestige relative to the one they guard, but also suffering defeat is not as much of a negative to their Prestige because as they are often up against enemies stronger or more numerous than themselves. In fact, if they fight valiantly they may even gain Prestige despite Defeat.

Familiars have all the same abilities and rules as Guardians.

The Strongman is the corruption of the Wrestler. A Strongman seeks to exploit his melee prowess to incite fear and gain prestige. The Strongman takes what he wants either through force or intimidation. Watching a Strongman squeeze the fight out an opponent even once is enough to understand the source of such intimidation.   

Strongmen have all the same abilities and rules as Wrestlers.

The Berserker is the corruption of the Zealot. Where Zealots are focused with their Passion, Berserkers unleash their Passion wildly. The believe that controlling and focusing themselves is a waste of effort and is nowhere near as imposing or freeing as letting their rage flow freely wherever it will.

Berserkers have all the same abilities and rules as Zealots.