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Unholy Minstrels

image-1694646553711.jpgUnholy Minstrels have come to believe themselves to be better recipients for worship than the Most High. They have come to understand the power in their Songs and will use it to bend others to their will at every opportunity. They can make even the strongest begin to doubt given enough time and exposure to their passionate expression. Their most wise adversaries will not give them that time.

Unholy Minstrel Disciplines

The Beguiler is corruption of the Dancer. The Beguiler used dance to reinforce their message, and will layer multiple Songs within the same Family to drive home their point with great efficacy. As they put for the message of different Families, certain Social Interactions made by them or those aligned with them targeting elohim within 12" of the Minstrel. These work as follows:

Howl Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Ally within Range
Dread Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Enemy within Range
Jeer Family = +1 to all friendly Composures within Range
Scorn Family = +2 Skill to friendly Aim Enemy on Song Target(s)
Slumber Family = +1 Skill to friendly Subdue Enemy within Range
Speed Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Ally & Subdue Enemy within Range
Revulsion Family = +1 Skill to friendly Subdue Enemy within Range
Fury Family = +1 Skill to friendly Excite Ally within Range 

Otherwise, Beguilers has the same and rules as Dancers.

The Hellion is the corruption of the Seraph. Hellions are Seraphim who lost sight of the object of their worship as they became distracted by desiring to experience the effects of their worship. Once this caused them to be removed from Elyon's presence and they were deprived of that experience, the withdrawal only served to intensify their craving. Now they are like addicts constantly deprived of their high and seeking alternatives that might sate their appetite even in the slightest. They burn with a passionate hate over being denied what they desire. They draw a measure of satisfaction from exaggerating the explosive emotions of others. Any act of passionate excess makes them feel less alone and extreme. 

Hellions have all the same abilities and rules as Seraphim.

The Demagogue is the corruption of the Standard Bearer. Demagogues play on and excite the prejudices and hatreds of others to motivate them to serve their purposes. They have removed the flag from their former Standards, no longer wishing to rally others around the noble cause and commission of the Most High. Instead, with their warped Scepter held high, they rally others around a common crescendo of cruel purpose.

Demagogues have all the same abilities and rules as Standard Bearers.