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Character Creation Steps

Step 1: Choose Order

Select the Order(s) embodies by your elohim. Make note of any special abilities (for Single-Order or Multi-Order Warriors, Messengers, and Ministering Spirits).

Step 2: Honor, Rank, Tier, & Magnitude

New characters will begin the game with 0 Honor and at Rank:0. They will be Tier:1 and have a Magnitude of 1.

Step 3: Choose Primary & Secondary Basic Attribute

Select the Basic Attributes that best represent the character you are creating. 

Step 4: Determine Basic Attribute Values

Determine the starting values of your Basic Attributes.

Step 5: Roll & Assign Seeds of Growth

Determine your elohim's beginning growth potential. Make note of the Seed Multipliers for your Order(s).

Step 6: Calculate War Attributes

Calculate your elohim's War Attribute values.

Step 7: Choose Social Attributes

Determine your elohim's starting strengths and weaknesses in regards to Social Attributes. 

Step 8:Choose Weapons


Select which weapon(s) your elohim will manifest in combat.

Step 9: Choose Maneuvers


If your elohim includes Warrior or Messenger Orders, select what Maneuvers they will start with some Mastery in.

Step 10: Choose Spiritual Effects


If your elohim includes the Ministering Spirit Order, select which Spiritual Effects they will start with knowledge of.

Step 11: Choose Songs


If your elohim includes the Minstrel Order, select which Songs they will start with knowledge of.