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Affecting the Material Realm

The most common questions from players revolve around how their elohim characters interact with humans and the material realm. While elohim are not part of the material creation, they are indeed still created beings. The spiritual is a part of everything material. Elyon's ruach, breath, Spirit sustains the entire creation, spiritual and material. Nothing exists without Elyon's continuing to will it to exist. Elohim are exempt from this. They are are not so much of a different nature as they are primarily "unseen" by the material creation. 

Elohim are by default undetected by all physical senses for those of the material realm. Material objects do obstruct sight and can hinder the projection of spiritual sound. But, elohim can move around freely, through objects or even living beings and are not seen, heard, touched, etc. That being said, some humans or animals will occasionally feel a spiritual presence or catch a glimpse of an elohim. These instances are by far the exception rather than the rule. Such occurrences are usually due to the elohim's choosing for it to be so.

Elohim may choose to manifest their presence into the material realm. This can happen in a variety of ways. Elohim can manifest audibly, visibly, or tangibly and in any combination. They can even manifest selectively only certain material beings.

When manifesting visually, elohim can appear in their full glory, but this is usually frightening and overpowering to flesh and blood creatures. For this reason, elohim will often alter their appearance to seem more human or even Conceal their Glory so as not to be known as an elohim. When appearing visibly, elohim are limited to appearing as human or animal as large as an elephant or as small as a small breed of dog. They can appear dressed or groomed however they desire and can carry or manifest items, but without Elyon's cooperation these items are not actual physical items and as such cannot exist permanently apart from the elohim. Rarely is it acceptable for an elohim to appear as a specific human or animal. Unclean Spirits are the most egregious violators of this protocol. 

Elohim can also speak to the spirits of humans. The human hears this in a manner similar to a thought, but can usually distinguish that the thought was not their own. Similarly, elohim can suggest mental images or dreams to humans by speaking to the human’s spirit, but cannot directly induce true dreams or visions without permission from the Most High or without the human forcing the overlapping of the two realms through practices like fasting, asceticism, transcendental meditation, or psychoactive drug use. Unholy elohim use such means to reach humans at a much deeper level once they have knowingly or unknowingly opened themselves to the spiritual realm.