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A elohim’s Status refers to their current overall state of being. If everything is in order, the elohim’s Status is considered Normal. Spiritual Effects, Songs, and having Endurance, Resolve, and Passion worn to below certain thresholds can change this Status, If an effect causes a character’s Status to be lowered by one, then it will lower from Normal to Weakened or from Weakened to Defeated. 


While one of an elohim's Endurance, Resolve, or Passion is worn to one third its Natural value or less and another is also worn to half its Natural value or less, the elohim's Status is lowered to Weakened. If Restored or Increase above these levels, the Status will become Normal once again.

While Weakened, Basic Attributes, Social Attributes, and Magnitude are treated as no higher than half their Natural value plus any Increases. Reducing Basic Attributes will also cause War Attributes to be reduced. For expediency sake, it is acceptable if the Host simply reduces War Attributes by half rather than refiguring them by the actual formulas. However, if the player wishes to figure the exact values while it is not holding up game progress, the correct values should be used. Speed, Force, and Stamina specifically will be skewed War Attributes if not figured correctly.

If a character becomes Weakened, it affects them immediately. This could cause them to lose an Activation they are currently involved in. If a character is currently Weakened and they would then be made Weakened from a second cause, their Status will be lowered to Defeated until only one source is causing the Weakened Status.


When an elohim’s Endurance, Resolve, or Passion falls to zero or below, the elohim is considered Defeated. No Attribute can have its Current value reduced below -40. 

Defeated elohim have all their Basic Attributes treated as 0 for all calculations (even if Current value is lower) and have additional effects depending on what Attributes they are Defeated in. All Inspiration Tokens are removed from the character. When Striking a Defeated character, they are treated as Exposed. When a Defeated elohim makes any kind of Check, all “Passes” are ignored. Wearing and Resistible Spiritual Effects and Songs can continue to affect a Defeated elohim. Boosting Spiritual Effects and Songs will not continue to affect a Defeated elohim unless the description specifically states it can affect a Defeated elohim. The Current Endurance, Resolve, and Passion of a Defeated character cannot be Restored or Increased except through natural recovery, assisted eating/drinking, or an effect that is specifically stated to effect a Defeated elohim.  

Characters Defeated in Endurance have been subjected to force beyond what they can bear. They are unable to Move or act in any way. They can speak, but only very few words and with great effort. Natural recovery of Endurance through rest is much slower that recovery of Resolve and Passion.

Characters Defeated in Resolve have a broken will. They will be completely forthright if interrogated and are not able to resist passive commands (meaning they will do things like go where instructed and hand over items, but will not attack an enemy or do anything that requires much effort). 

Characters Defeated in Passion have lost their drive. They may be unresponsive or near catatonic. They simply do not possess the ability to care about their own concerns or the concerns of others, be it a friend or an enemy.

If all allied characters are Defeated, they have lost this War. At that point the Defeated elohim are at the whim of their conquerors.