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Surprise Segments

At any time an elohim or group of elohim are aware of an opposing elohim or group of elohim that is currently completely unaware of the first elohim/group’s presence, a Surprise Segment can be initiated. Once a Surprise Segment is initiated, the aware elohim/group gets to act for an entire Activation of 7 Action Points. No Inspirations Tokens may be used by any Surprising character for any offensive purpose. Neither can Inspiration or Obstruction Tokens be used by a Surprised character for any purpose at all during a Surprise Segment. The unaware elohim/group does not get to act at all. The opposing elohim/group is considered Surprised when resolving Strikes during a Surprise Segment. The first Strike that is made during a Surprise Segment the Surprising Striker can make a Swiftness Check vs. the Swiftness of the Surprised Target. If the Check is successful the Target is instead considered Exposed to that Strike. Multiple elohim can coordinate to make this first Strike simultaneously. 

In order for a Surprise Segment to be initiated, the game should not already be in “Turn Mode”. If the game is currently in “Turn Mode”, it is still possible for an elohim to Surprise other elohim. For this to be done, the Host will have to agree that the Surprised elohim would currently require a Perception Check to notice the elohim. If this is the case, the Surprising elohim’s can choose for his current Activation to be treated as a Surprise Segment for himself.