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Rules of Engagement

The first thing that must be considered in any War is if there is any right to even have a War at all. Most Wars between elohim taking place on the earth center around the concerns of men. This may take the form of intervention and influence in the lives of or direct actions of men. Alternatively, such Wars might involve boundaries and Dominions created because of the actions of men. Whatever the root concern, however, elohim understand and must respect when there is clearly no right or reason to influence or interfere in a situation. 

While it is true that the fallen elohim are in rebellion to Elyon, they know that they are still subject to his authority and there are lines even they will not cross for fear of the consequences. In scripture it is written that the Most High has bound and locked away some elohim who stepped outside of their proper boundaries in pits of darkness until they will eventually be judged. No other elohim are anxious to join them. 

Fallen elohim do not generally have to search hard to find cause to interfere with men. Men are quite prolific sinners which gives fallen elohim right to oppress and attack almost anyone at any time. This claim of sin is pervasive throughout the earth. Holy elohim, on the other hand, rely upon Elyon’s faithful followers to pray. Their prayers and petitions encourage Elyon to sanction interference by elohim to defend his people or attack evil Dominions. Prayers, faithful obedience, and (after the Reconciliation) application of the shed blood of the resurrected Son all give holy elohim right to interfere for the cause of good.

Without sufficient right to become involved, there are times and situations when fallen elohim or holy elohim will have to remain hands off.