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Condition relays the exhaustion level of the elohim. An elohim that becomes overtaxed, will reflect this through their Condition lowering from Normal to Weary or even Fatigued.

Exertion & Stamina 

As elohim engage in continuous activity, their spiritual body will experience the consequences of Exertion. Stamina measures how much Exertion it takes before an elohim becomes Weary or Fatigued. These Conditions adversely affect the elohim. 

Tracking Exertion 

The effect of different activities on Exertion are as follows: 

  • Strikes add an amount of Exertion equal to their Action Point cost. This is not increased by any additional Action Points required for being in Defensive Stance. 
  • Initiating Spiritual Effects adds 2 Exertion. This is increased by 1 Exertion if the Spiritual Effect is Tier:3 or 4. 
  • Adding an additional Target to a Spiritual Effect adds 1 Exertion. 
  • Each Activation maintaining Spiritual Effects adds 1 Exertion for up to 4 Spiritual Effect maintained, a 2nd Exertion for up to 7 maintained and 1 additional Exertion at 8-9, 10-11, and 12 Spiritual Effect maintained. The total is increased by 1 Exertion if the highest Spiritual Effect maintained is Tier:3 or 4. 
  • Singing a Song adds 3 Exertion. 2 more Exertion is added if a second Song is layered. Another 1 Exertion is added if a third Song is layered. The total is increased by 1, 2, or 3, if the highest Song sung is Tier:2, 3, or 4 respectively. Exertion from Songs is not added immediately, but is considered "building" and will be added at the beginning of the first Activation of the Minstrel’s following Cycle. The Minstrel can reduce building Exertion by Resting if there is not current Exertion to reduce. On the contrary, effects that reduce Exertion cannot reduce building Exertion.
  • Resting for 1 Action Point reduces Exertion by 1. Resting is possible while shifting a weapon or performing a Social Interaction. 

Ignore the first 3 Exertion that an elohim would gain due to their own actions from the beginning of their Activation until the beginning of their next Activation. This includes Exertion that would come as the result of a Spiritual Effect transferring Exertion from another elohim.


If an elohim’s Exertion exceeds their Stamina during their Activation, the elohim becomes Weary. When an elohim is Weary Exertion accumulation is increased in the following ways: 

  • Strikes add 1 more Exertion than usual. 
  • Initiating Spiritual Effects adds 1 more Exertion than usual. 
  • The total Exertion added for maintaining 1-4 Spiritual Effects is increased by 1. 
  • Another additional Exertion is added if 5 or more Spiritual Effects are being maintained. 
  • The total Exertion added each Cycle from singing Songs is increased by 1.
  • Another additional Exertion is added if multiple Songs are being layered. 


If an elohim’s Exertion exceeds double their Stamina during their Activation, the elohim becomes Fatigued. The highest Exertion can rise is twice the elohim’s Stamina and then plus 7. Any additional Exertion is dismissed.

  • Maximum Exertion = 2(Stamina) + 7

A Fatigued elohim may do nothing besides Rest until their Exertion no longer exceeds double their Stamina. The elohim may not continue Singing, using Spiritual Effects, or be in Defensive Stance while Fatigued. Once Exertion no longer exceeds double their Stamina, they return to Weary Condition with an added penalty causing them to act as though in Defensive Stance without being able to receive the bonuses until one of either:

  • they return to Normal Condition (usually by Exertion not exceeding Stamina)
  • their Exertion is reduced to 7 fewer than Fatigued

Changes in Current Endurance 

Changes to an elohim’s Current Endurance will affect Stamina. Taking Wear to Endurance could change an elohim’s Condition and should be anticipated by Players to avoid unexpected vulnerability from taking large amounts of WearE.