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Occupying Space

Elohim do not occupy space in the material realm without purposely manifesting. They do, however, occupy space in the spiritual realm. The amount of space occupied is directly reflective of their Magnitude and determined by their Tier. The width of a character (measured from the center of the character) is (for Tiers:0-4 respectively) 0.5”, 0.75”, 1”, 1.25”, or 1.75”. Height is double this amount measured up from the base of the character. These dimensions are not directly a measure of size as much as they are a measure of space that the elohim can effectively control the use of. This concept is reflected in the fact that Resolve is included in any attempt to Push Through. 

Although an elohim is able to effectively occupy the space, that does not mean that they cannot “shrink” if desired to comfortably follow a human into a small dwelling, for example. Also, being that an elohim’s “size” is symbolic of the elohim’s Magnitude and not necessarily actual size, increases in width and height do not directly increase a character’s effective Melee Range. However, if an elohim is outside of 3” center to center, but is touching the occupied space of another elohim, the two may make Melee Strikes on one another and are also included in Melee Influence. This effect on Melee Range will only come into play when dealing with elohim of Tier:3 or higher.