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Sensing Others

Spirits can sense the presence of one another when in very close proximity of 3” from one another. This sensing is very basic, revealing only general nature, the general direction, and the general strength. 

General nature of elohim is straightforward, being either holy or unholy. They possess iniquity or they do not. They have crossed that line or have not. 

General nature for humans is more complex. The nature of humans is always progressing one direction or another on a spectrum between holy or unholy. 

Strength is sensed relative to the elohim sensing. What is measured is the difference between the Rank/Power of the sensing character and the Rank/Power of the elohim being sensed.

A difference of:
  • less than 3 is Equal
  • 3-6 is Slight
  • 7-11 is Significant
  • 12-20 is Substantial
  • 21-39 is Major
  • 40-79 is Great
  • 80-143 is Overwhelming
  • 122 or more is Prevailing

The largest categories will only come into play when sensing a Dominion using the Detection Spiritual Effect.