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Treatments of Time


Time references in the game refer to the game world, and are independent of the way time passes for those playing the game. This is similar to the way a movie jumps to “Six Months Later” in an instant, and then has a slow motion sequence that consumes 10 minutes showing you what was actually 1 minute in the movie world.


In Allies of Majesty, a Day is treated as the period of time from one nightfall until the next. This can be seen in Genesis where darkness was the beginning state and it is stated, "And there was evening and there was morning" each day. As with most things ancient Hebrew, this deals with with a concept more than a precise clockwork. So, if characters leave the earth over North America during the daylight and re-enter the earth over Asia during the darkness, in game terms it will be considered a different day for any effects related to Days.

Cycles, Segments, & Activations

Once War commences, time must be accounted for more precisely. This allows for the contributions of each character to be accounted for.

  • A Cycle is approximately 3 seconds in game time. Therefore, there are about 20 Cycles in a game minute.
  • Each Cycle takes place across 7 Segments, which helps to spread character activity throughout the Cycle.
  • Each time a character has an opportunity to act during a Segment, it is also called that character’s Activation.


The use of multiple Segments within a Cycle allows the actions of each character to feel more intertwined. This intertwining better simulates simultaneous action than if each character used all of their Action Points for the Cycle at once. The need for this is less obvious at lower Ranks, but as characters begin to increase in Speed the need becomes very much more apparent.