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Expressing Your Glory

Elohim can choose to fully express their glory. It takes concentration to express their glory and the elohim cannot do anything that would add Exertion to themselves while doing so. If done while play is happening in Cycle Mode, expressing your glory must be started as you begin the first Activation of a Cycle and can only be ended as you begin the first Activation of a Cycle.

  • all other characters within 21" have fewer Action Points each Activation equal to their inferiority of Magnitude

    • this reduction is halved if actively endangered

  • add Adjustments in this character's favor to Strikes and Checks involving this character equal to their superiority of Magnitude¬†

    • this effect replaces Adjustments to Social Interaction due to a difference in Tier

  • cannot do any actions that would add Exertion¬†

Expressing glory will have a diminishing effect on those whose glory is lesser. Other characters within 21" of a character who is expressing their glory may act with fewer Action Points each Activation. The reduction equal to their inferiority of Magnitude. This is not a group effect and does not compound. If multiple allied elohim are expressing their glory, the reduction is based upon the greatest inferiority of Magnitude. The reduction to Action Points is reduced to half if the diminished elohim is being actively endangered. The character expressing their glory will also have Adjustments in their favor to all Strikes and Checks involving them equal to their superiority of Magnitude.

Expressing you glory can affect Social Interactions between spirits, and replaces the effects of higher or lower Tier if so. However, expressing your glory is not practiced during a Parley. A Parley is a more formal convention in which the participants are agreeing to persuade and reason with one another. Expressing you glory is more of an attempt to forcefully overwhelm others with your presence.