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Dominions are boundaries of spiritual authority. Dominions are usually linked to a physical location such as a building, a room, a campground, a complex, or even someone’s home. While Dominions are often linked to structures, the structure is not the source of the Dominion. 

Dominions are always rooted in exerted spiritual authority and as such can even be temporarily established wherever a person exerts spiritual authority. While any structure could be included in a Dominion, not all structures are Dominions. Also, Dominions are not always intentional. Often a Dominion is established outside of the awareness of the person(s) responsible for the Dominion. 

Nothing outside of a structure within a Dominion can cause an effect inside the structure or vice versa. No Strikes, Spiritual Effects, or Songs can pass through one way or the other. This is true regardless of whether the Dominion is holy or unholy. Elohim can pass through Dominion structures freely, however. 

A Dominion itself is sensed at Melee Range and is also discernable as holy or unholy. This Range is not extended by the Spiritual Effect Detection. Detection does not sense through Dominion structures, but does additionally reveal the presence of a holy or unholy Dominion as well as the current Area Influence inside the Dominion structure. Detection used inside a Dominion structure functions normally except that it cannot sense outside the walls of the Dominion structure. 

Area Influence within a Dominion includes all holy elohim and unholy elohim within the entire Dominion. If there is a Dominion made by a Barrier Spiritual Effect within a Dominion or Dominion structure, the Barrier Dominion acts as an entirely separate Dominion structure and each Dominion’s qualities, such as contained Area Influence and Sensing, are figured separately.