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Area Influence

As holy and fallen elohim become involved in a situation, their presence can affect the general atmosphere in the material realm. This influence is called Area Influence and is figured by comparing the total Magnitude of holy elohim to the total Magnitude of fallen elohim. The lesser total is subtracted from the greater and the difference determines the level of Holy or Unholy Area Influence. 

Only elohim directly concerned with the situation at hand are considered when determining the Area Influence upon the situation. A Ministering Spirit using Haven/Asylum may choose whether or not to contribute their Magnitude toward Area Influence. As long as there are other elohim contributing to the total Magnitude, then the Ministering Spirit may continue to be overlooked. Once they become the sole contributor of Magnitude, then continuing to contribute toward the Area Influence is considered an aggressive action and will cancel the Spiritual Effect. 

It should also be understood that Area Influence is only that, influence. The humans will feel anything from a very slight to a nearly overwhelming pressure to adjust their actions toward good or evil, but they will always be able to make a choice that does not conform to the influence.

Levels of Area Influence are reached and increase at the following superior Magnitude totals:

3 or more becomes Slight
7 or more becomes Significant
12 or more becomes Substantial
21 or more becomes Major
40 or more becomes Great
80 or more becomes Prevailing
144  or more becomes Overwhelming