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Concealing Your Glory & Manifesting

Elohim can conceal their glory. While their glory is concealed, they appear to other spirits as a human or an animal, generally no smaller than a rat or small bird. They may choose whether or not to be actually manifested in the material realm. While an elohim’s glory is concealed they are not able to be sensed by others. Versions of the Spiritual Effect Detection have their effectiveness reduced in sensing elohim whose glory is concealed to half the normal range and cannot detect concealed Archangels beyond the normal range. Using the Spiritual Effect Discernment on an elohim whose glory is concealed will reveal the elohim’s true nature to the Ministering Spirit along with all other information the Effect normally reveals. 

When an elohim chooses to reveal their glory, they may immediately use up to 4 Action Points preparing themselves for Conflict by manifesting Weapon Effects, adopting Defensive Stance, using Spiritual Effects, singing, etc. They may not, however, do anything during these Action Points that will directly affect any opponents such as Striking or using Resistible or Wearing Effects or Songs. Once revealed, they will resume normal action at their next Activation. 

Concealed Glory

  • can appear as a human or animal (not a mimic of a known exact person)

  • cannot be sensed in Melee Range

  • -12 Adjustments to being Perceived as an elohim

  • upon revealing glory, can use up to 4 Action Points in non-offensive preparation