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Melee Influence

Each elohim has a Magnitude that measures the weightiness of their spiritual presence. A great weight of opposing Magnitude can make it harder to defend against an enemy’s Strikes in Melee. This is called Melee Influence. The total Magnitude of the Defender’s opponents within Melee range of them is compared to the total Magnitude of their allies within Melee range of them. If the Defender's opponents have a superior total Magnitude, the Striker has Melee Influence over the Defender. Strikers get a bonus of 1 Adjustment to their Strike for each level of Melee Influence. Levels of Melee Influence are reached and increase at the following superior Magnitude totals: 1, 7, and then every 7 more (14, 21, 28, 35, etc.). 

{Ex.: A superior Magnitude total of 5 would have 1 level of Melee Influence and would give the Striking elohim 1 additional Adjustment for the Strike Roll.}

In most cases an elohim’s Magnitude is counted into Melee Influence as long as the elohim is not Defeated. The exceptions to this are if the elohim is on the opposite side of a Dominion or Bound by the Archangel Spiritual Effect Unbreakable Chains. Haven/Asylum remove the offensive benefit of the Ministering Spirit’s Magnitude from Melee Influence, but not the defensive benefit to the elohim’s allies resisting Adjustments being added against them.