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Receiving Bonuses, Penalties, & Wear

Before we dive deeply into War, we should describe how Attributes are raised and lowered during gameplay. Some Spiritual Effects, Songs, etc. can temporarily boost or lower an Attribute’s value. Additionally, suffering Strikes and other effects can semi-permanently wear down the strength of one or more of an elohim’s Attributes. This effect is termed Wear and is often referred to more specifically by adding an E, R, or P to denote which Attribute it wears down, Endurance, Resolve, or Passion respectively. Wear to an Attribute affects that Attribute’s value until it is restored or the elohim is able to rest.

Increase vs. Restore

Some effects state that they Increase Endurance, Resolve, or Passion while others say they Restore that Attribute. Effects that Increase provide a temporary bonus that can allow the recipient to exceed their natural maximum. Even though the bonus is temporary, it can prevent a character from being Defeated if it keeps the Current value high enough. Effects that Restore replenish an amount of the Attribute that has been lost due to Wear, but a Restored replenishment is lasting. While Items can raise an Attribute's Value, that is treated as if it is the elohim's Natural value while in equipped.

Natural and Current Attribute Values 

Increases and Wear are temporary and sometimes momentary changes to the value of a Basic Attribute. The value as currently affected by any Increases or Wear is known as the Current value of the Attribute. Current value can affect the values of War Attributes that are determined by those Basic Attributes, such as Stamina. An Attribute’s Natural value does not include Increases or Wear, but does include other boosts from things such as Items affect the value in a more lasting manner.