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As a War progresses, the player characters will feel the effects of Inspiration or the lack thereof. This effect is brought into the game through the use of Inspiration Tokens. Inspiration Tokens allow you to shift an instant in the game more into your elohim’s favor. 

Uses of Inspiration 

Inspiration Tokens can be used in a variety of ways and at almost any time. Pretty much any way you can think of to use Inspiration should at least be considered by the Host. The following are suggestions of possible uses of Inspirations Tokens. (Unless otherwise stated, each of these effects cost only a single Inspiration Token and in most cases can be used after any related roll is made): 

  • 1 Adjustment to your elohim’s Strike, Resist, or Check Roll 
  • 1 Adjustment to a Strike, Resist, or Check Roll against your elohim 
  • Add 1” to the Range of your elohim’s Ranged Strikes 
  • Make one 12 or 1 of an Epic Roll adjustable and allows 1 more Inspiration to be spent immediately to adjust that Epic Result before Weakened or Defeated are applied due to the roll (normally Adjustments from Inspiration are applied after the full results of the Epic Roll are applied; other results are still applied such such as determining adjusting the Inspiration Pool and determining that 12s or 1s cannot be Adjusted) 
  • Add 2” Knock Back to your elohim’s Strike (must have at least one Hit even if it is canceled) 
  • Resist 3” of Knock Back to your elohim 
  • Add Falter:2 to your elohim’s Strike (must have at least one Hit, regardless of Stops) 
  • Resist or Recover from 3 Action Points of Falter to your elohim
  • Reduce Exertion by 3
  • Remove Poison:2 
  • 2 Action Points for your elohim to use immediately (The Host resolves immediacy questions. Only one Inspiration may be used this way until the start of the elohim’s next Activation. These Action Points are independent of the elohim’s Activations and do not create an Activation for the character.) 
  • Initiate one Ongoing Spiritual Effect on any number of Targets for only 1 Action Point 
  • For this Cycle add 2” to the Range of one Spiritual Effect that affects a single Target (including Laying on Hands and Revive, Holy Hammer only increases 1” same as a Ranged Strike) 
  • For this Cycle add 1” to the Range of one Spiritual Effect that affects multiple Targets 
  • +1 Level of Effect to all recipients for one Boosting Song your elohim is singing this Cycle (May only exceed maximum Levels of Effect by 1 this way.) 
  • Add 2” to the Range of one Song your elohim is singing this Cycle that affects a single Target 
  • Add 1” to the Range of one Song your elohim is singing this Cycle that affects multiple Targets
  • +40 to any Basic Attribute for 1 Cycle (Only one Basic Attribute can be increased at any time. This may not be applied to affect a roll that has been made.)
  • Cancel Weakened Status for your elohim until the end of their next (or current) Activation. 
  • Automatically Pass an Intentional Perception Check made by your elohim (no Action Points required) 
  • No penalty for adding up to 2 extra Target's to a Social Interaction
  • Remove 1 Social Dominance Point from your elohim 

This list above is not exhaustive and players can be creative, however the Host may tweak the actual effect or may decide that such a use already falls under one from the list (for example, boosting Force already is accomplished by boosting Might)Effects of Inspiration will sometimes break game rules and can enhance the fun of the game. However, power without limits can detract rather than enhance. Players should not be allowed to effectively cheat the system with similar uses that effectively compound the same effect. Be careful not to allow the use of Inspiration granting Action Points to break the rules in too powerful of ways. Inspiration used for Action Points should not be allowed to interrupt something that has already begun, such as moving out of range of a Strike currently being performed. If a player really likes a specific use for Inspiration and thinks it fits their character well, they do have the option to choose Inspiration Specializations as they increase in Rank.

Only 3 Inspiration can be used at once for the same purpose if the result would be offensive or detrimental to the elohim’s opponents. Only 1 Inspiration per instance can be used offensively against an Archon by each character. Defensive uses are not restricted in the amount.