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Social Interactions Involving Humans

While Social interactions are generally similar regardless of the Target, Social Interactions that involve humans as the Target will be affected by some additional considerations called Personal Qualities that add extra nuance and uniqueness to each human. They account for details such as the Target's spiritual discipline, their openness, and how grounded they are in the truth.

When elohim attempt to influence humans, Area Influence comes into play. Adjustments are added or subtracted equal to the Area Influence level relative to the allegiance of the elohim. Holy Area Influence levels add to a holy elohim's Interactions, while Unholy Area Influence levels subtract from a holy elohim's Interactions. The reverse is true for unholy elohim.

In the event that an elohim is able to reveal themselves to influence a human directly, Adjustments for higher Tier apply instead of Area Influence. The human is treated as a Tier:0. The number of Adjustments for higher and lower Tier is (1 + 1/Tier difference).

A Host may have situations were they are dealing humans influencing each other. Humans have Social Attributes separated into motive specific Skills and Composures (Excite, Soothe/Subdue, Affirm/Aim) just the same as an elohim character. Humans will always be non-player characters, or NPCs. As such the Host is free to simulate or decide their interactions without rolls or with hidden rolls. Whatever is best for the situation.