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Archons & Obstruction

Archons are unholy elohim who stand out and have the benefit of an effect similar to Inspiration called Obstruction. Unlike Inspiration, Obstruction can only be used defensively to protect the Archon. The option to add 40 to an Basic Attribute for 1 Cycle is also always an option for an Archon.

The higher the Domain of the Archon, the more Obstruction they will receive. The general rule is 3 Obstruction for each Tier, but ultimately, the Host will determine how much Obstruction will be given to any Archons. The Host will determine which, if any, evil characters are considered to be an Archon in each Conflict.

Chief Archons

Sometimes the Host may determine an unholy elohim to be a Chief Archon and possibly one or more of their strongest cohorts may be Archons. Every Obstruction spent by a Chief Archon functions as if it were spent on a Specialization.