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Introduction to Evil Songs

This lists all the of the available Songs by Families. Below is a Key for interpreting some of the information contained in the Song Family Tables.

Heaven is both the level of effectiveness the Song produces and the Heaven the Minstrel must be to learn the Song. 

Class denotes many things about the Song. 
   Affecting Songs cause some change to the hearers. 
   Manifesting Songs produce an effect that is symbolically manifested. 
   Enhancing Songs enhance another Song. 
   Immediate Songs last only for the Cycle they are used. 
   Ongoing Songs can be maintained Cycle after Cycle with the continuing use of Passion. 
   Boosting Songs provide some benefit to the Minstrel and his allies. 
   Resistible Songs primarily involve on a non-Wearing effect that can be resisted. 
   Wearing Songs center around Wear to either Endurance (WearE), Resolve (WearR), or Passion (WearP).
   Self Songs are centered on the singer rather than external Targets. 

(Rules for resolving Resistible, Wearing, and Boosting Songs are found in the Conflict and Gameplay section.) 

Complexity is the amount of Control it takes to sing the Song. The Minstrel must have Control equal to or greater than the total combined Complexities of the Songs he desires to sing in a Cycle. 

Effect is what the Song accomplishes. This will be an abbreviated version with more information available in the Song’s description. 

The available Families of Evil Songs can be found in here:

A person blessed with a beautiful voice can choose to sing songs that are pleasing to Elyon or songs that curse His Name. The ability to sing is not suddenly lost when choosing to a path that does not honor Elyon. Just the same, Minstrels did not suddenly lose their ability to learn and perform Songs when they were corrupted by rebellion. The Songs themselves however do reflect the Minstrels’ corruption. This does not show Elyon misusing His power, since He gifted this ability when the elohim were created. It should be noted, though, that as Creator, Elyon is the ultimate source of all power whether recognized as such or not. 

The words Blessed and Holy are used to describe improved versions of good Songs. Things that are Blessed have received favor from Elyon. Things that are Holy reflect the very goodness of God Himself. Most of us will experience God’s Blessing long before we are made Holy by Him. To the converse, the words Unholy and Sinister are used to describe improved versions of evil Songs. Unholy things represent things that are contrary to the nature of God. Sinister things are unholy by choice, and generally seek to spread the effects of unholiness in everything they touch. First we are made Unholy by our choices and actions. Eventually we can reach the point that the presence of anything good makes us uncomfortable and we are not happy unless we can either be rid of it or make it unholy as well.