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jackal.jpgRepresents: Dry Desolation, keeping something in a desolate condition
Biblically Jackals were associated with ruins, desolation, and howling at night. In Allies of Majesty Jackals seek to promote ongoing ruin. They are less focused on creating ruin, but more on maintaining the condition. Jackals are swift and excitable while not very hearty or brave. They prefer to take a more defensive attitude and will sing the Minstrel Songs Outburst and Wail to discourage their would be attackers. If an enemy does get close, Jackals can break their defense and nip at their enemy.

Special Abilities

Situational Awareness gives the Jackal a Perception of 3 allowing them 3 Adjustments in their Favor when Perceiving or being Perceived.

At 2nd Domain the Perception Adjustments are increased to 6. Then 9 at 3rd Domain and 12 upon becoming a Jackal Beast. 

Trained Eye lets the Jackal choose a Target to watch. The Jackal can make a Perception Check each Segment in which they are using Action Points until they succeed. Once succeeding, the Jackal may make 1 Adjustment to any Strike rolls made by the Target against the Jackal and any Resist Checks the Jackal makes against the Target. Also, the Jackal can ignore Guard provided to the Target by Defensive Stance. The Jackal may change watched Targets once in each Segment, but will need to succeed a Perception Check against the new Target before getting the bonus again. If the Jackal loses line of sight with the Target for an extended time, Trained Eye may be lost.

At 3rd Domain the number of Adjustments is increased to 2.

Jackals will often prefer to stay in Defensive Stance at a safe distance, Wailing sorrowfully at the enemy. However, they can break Defensive Stance at any moment to nip at or retreat from encroaching enemies.

Weapon Effects

Jackals bite and scratch at their enemies. These are are swift and piercing like a sword.

Weapon Effect 

Standard Effect 

Passion Effect 

Claws & Teeth

12 = +1 Action Points (1/Strike, 2/Segment)

+10% Wear


Jackals can Nip at enemies and Parry incoming Strikes. At 1st Domain the Jackal has these at a Mastery Level of 2. This increases to Mastery 3 at 2nd Domain, Mastery 4 at 3rd Domain, and Mastery 5 upon becoming a Jackal Beast.

Nip (2 AP)

Nip allows the elohim to Strike for 2 Action Points. The Wear inflicted by this Strike is reduced. The Mastery Level of this Maneuver affects Precision when using it. After Mastery Level 4, the elohim can assume Defensive Stance if there were no uncanceled Stops.

Mastery Level 1

-1 Precision

-40% Wear

Mastery Level 2

-1 Precision

-30% Wear

Mastery Level 3 

+1 Precision

-30% Wear

Mastery Level 4

+2 Precision

-30% Wear

may assume Defensive Stance, if no uncanceled Stops

Mastery Level 5

+4 Precision

-20% Wear

may assume Defensive Stance, if no uncanceled Stops

Parry  (2 AP)

Parry gives the elohim additional Guard vs. one incoming Strike. The elohim must have 2 Action Points Readied to Parry for each Strike they wish to Parry. Parry only adds 1 Exertion. The elohim can Move 1” while Parrying. At Mastery Level 4, Parry allows you may borrow Action Points from an upcoming Activation. You can only have borrowed Action Points for one Parry. At Mastery Level 5, up to two Parries may be borrowed ahead of time.

This Maneuver is not a Strike and so does not cost additional Action Points to use while in Defensive Stance.

Mastery Level 1 +4 Guard vs. one Strike
Mastery Level 2 +7 Guard vs. one Strike
Mastery Level 3  +10 Guard vs. one Strike
Mastery Level 4

+13 Guard vs. one Strike

may borrow 1 Parry ahead

Mastery Level 5

+16 Guard vs. one Strike

may borrow 2 Parries ahead



Jackals can have the ability to sing the Outburst and Wail versions as well as Vengeful Eruption once they become a Jackal Beast.

Outburst, Wail, and Vengeful Eruption from the Howl Family

Song Name 









Knocks Back all good 12”(4”) -1”/1” away 





18(6) WearP to all good, negates Passion Bonuses

Cursed Outburst




Knocks Back all good 15”(5”) -1”/1” away 

Cursed Wail 




27(9) WearP to all good, negates Passion Bonuses

Unholy Outburst 




Knocks Back all good 18”(6”) -1”/1” away 

Unholy Wail 




36(12) WearP to all good, negates Passion Bonuses

Vengeful Eruption




Causes Wear and Falter 

Outburst is a cry of distress that manifests a wave of force that Knocks Back all good. The distance Knocked Back is reduced by 1” for every 1” the affected character is from the singing Jackal. This Song is Resistible using Resolve. 

Wail is a forceful cry that Wears the Passion of all good who hear it. If not fully Resisted, Wail also negates all Increases to Passion except those granted directly by Items for 2 Cycles. Wail negates Bonuses before its WearP is applied. This Song is Resistible using Resolve. 

Cursed Outburst can be sung with more Passion and adds 1 Difficulty to the Control Check for Falter. 

Cursed Wail inflicts greater Wear to Passion. 

Unholy Outburst can be sung with more Passion and adds 2 Difficulty to the Control Check for Falter. 

Unholy Wail inflicts even greater Wear to Passion. 

Vengeful Eruption is a cry that sends forth a manifested shockwave from the Jackal. This wave causes all good to become Exposed until they can recover from Faltering for 1 Cycle. It also inflicts Wear to Passion using a total Force equal to the amount the Jackal’s Current Endurance is below his maximum Endurance. Any good who resist this Song suffer no Wear. Up to Tier:2 still Falter half their Action Points each Activation (but are not Exposed) even if Resisting. Tier:4 Resists with “8”s and above counting as Passes. This Song is Resistible using Resolve. 


Jackals are treated as Messenger-Minstrels and also have improved Swiftness and Passion, receiving an additional 7 at 1st Domain, this increases to 21 at 2nd Domain, 40 at 3rd Domain, and 80 once becoming a Frog Beast.

Size and Mutations

Jackals fit the standard rules of Occupying Space for elohim. However, the height is of course skewed when not standing upright. Also, like all bestial elohim, Jackals will gain varying Mutations when increasing in Tier.

The example below shows a sampling of Jackals increasing from 1st Domain to Jackal Beast. In this instance, the Mutations gained in order are: Soaring Wings, Lashing Tongue, and Plentiful Eyes.