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Bird of Prey

Bird.jpgRepresents: Arrogance stemming from knowledge; Aggressiveness
Birds of Prey fly high, observing with their extra keen perception. They see most everything and are arrogant in their knowledge. That does not make them automatically correct or wise, but they are often too blind to listen to others who they believe know less. They move very quickly. They use very fast diving attacks from above with their talons to leave the enemy more vulnerable.

Special Abilities

Situational Awareness gives Birds of Prey a base of 19 to Perception  and 7 vs. Perceive. Birds of Prey also receive no Perception Penalties for Range or Concealed Glory. Range negation applies when flying high (relative to the terrain).

At 2nd Domain the Perception Adjustments are increased to 10. Then 13 at 3rd Domain and 16 upon becoming a Bird Beast. 

Trained Eye lets Birds of Prey choose a Target to watch. Birds can make a Perception Check each Segment in which they are using Action Points until they succeed. Once succeeding, the Bird may make 1 Adjustment to any Strike rolls made by the Target against the Bird of Prey and any Resist Checks the Bird makes against the Target. Also, the Bird of Prey can ignore Guard provided to the Target by Defensive Stance. The Bird may change watched Targets once in each Segment, but will need to succeed a Perception Check against the new Target before getting the bonus again. If the Bird loses line of sight with the Target for an extended time, Trained Eye may be lost.

At 2nd Domain, Trained Eye provides 2 Adjustments. Then at 3rd Domain, a second Target may be watched at the same time. Upon becoming a Bird Beast, the Adjustments are increased to 3.

Weapon Effects

Birds of Prey use sharp talons and powerful beaks for their Strikes. These are swift and piercing like a sword.

Weapon Effect 

Standard Effect 

Passion Effect 

Talons & Beak

12 = +1 Action Point (1/Strike, 2/Activation) +10% Wear


Birds of Prey can swoop in from above to Strike their enemies leaving them more vulnerable. At 1st Domain the Bird has Dive at a Mastery Level of 2. This increases to Mastery 3 at 2nd Domain, Mastery 4 at 3rd Domain, and Mastery 5 upon becoming a Bird Beast.

Dive  (3 AP)

Dive allows the Bird of Prey to Move a greater distance while Striking, generally toward a Target. The Target’s Guard is reduced by 2 for this Strike. The Bird of Prey must begin the Strike elevated above the Target. After Mastery Level 4, The Bird may spend 1 Action Point immediately following this Strike to Rend causing 40% of Wear inflicted from the Dive. Wear from Rend is not affected by other modifiers. Rending adds 1 Exertion to the Bird. At Mastery Level 5, the Defender has -4 Guard.

Mastery Level 1

Move 3" with this Strike

-2 Guard for Defender

Mastery Level 2

Move 3"-4" with this Strike

-2 Guard for Defender

Mastery Level 3 

Move 3"-5" with this Strike

-2 Guard for Defender

Mastery Level 4

Move 3"-6" with this Strike

-2 Guard for Defender

1 AP to Rend

Mastery Level 5

Move 3"-7" with this Strike

-4 Guard for Defender

1 AP to Rend


Birds of Prey are treated as Messengers and also have exceptional Control, receiving an additional 21 at 1st Domain, this increases to 40 at 2nd Domain, 80 at 3rd Domain, and 144 once becoming a Bird Beast.

Size and Mutations

Birds of Prey fit the standard rules of Occupying Space for elohim. However, the height is of course skewed when not standing upright. Also, like all bestial elohim, Birds will gain varying Mutations when increasing in Tier.

The example below shows a sampling of Birds increasing from 1st Domain to Bird Beast. In this instance, the Mutations gained in order are: Lean Body, Plentiful Eyes, and [removed from game].