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Represents: Stubbornness, Belligerence, being Unteachable 
are spirits bent on doing their own thing. The will not be bossed around and will help others to stand with them through the use of their Spiritual Effects. They encourage enduring stubborn attitudes with humans as well. Pigs have enough Endurance and Resolve to pose a lasting threat on their own. Their restorative and boosting Spiritual Effects increase that durability allow them to extend it to their allies as well.

Special Abilities

Pigs can use their strength of will to protect themselves. Resolute Stability allows Pigs to ignore Falter:1 each time Falter is applied to them. It also allows them to ignore one Defensive Hit being caused to them. Lastly, it reduces Wear related to Strikes received by 20%.

Pigs gain 1 Adjustment to any Resist Checks they make.

Weapon Effects

Pigs butt enemies with their sturdy tusks.

Weapon Effect 

Standard Effect 

Passion Effect 


12 = Falter:2 (1/Strike) 

1 Exertion x Target's Tier

Spiritual Effects

Pigs have the ability to use Spiritual Effects from the Rouse and some from the Obstinacy Families. 

Rouse Family

Invigorate, Spurring Push, Spoiled Manna, & Rouse versions. Dread Dragon Image at Tier:4.

Obstinacy Family

Entrench & Stubbornness versions. Impudence at Tier:4.


Pigs are treated as Ministering Spirits and also have improved Resolve and exceptional Endurance, receiving an additional 7 Resolve and 21 Endurance at 1st Domain, this increases to 21 Resolve and 40 Endurance at 2nd Domain, 40 Resolve and 80 Endurance at 3rd Domain, and 80 Resolve and 144 Endurance once becoming a Pig Beast.

Pigs have -4 "to Perceive", due to their rebellious blindness.

For the same reason, Pigs also gain +1 Composure in all Social Attributes.

Size and Mutations

Pigs fit the standard rules of Occupying Space for elohim. However, the height is of course skewed when not standing upright. Also, like all bestial elohim, Pigs will gain varying Mutations when increasing in Tier.


The example below shows a sampling of Pigs increasing from 1st Domain to Pig Beast. In this instance, the Mutations gained in order are: