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Introduction to Unholy Spiritual Effects

This chapter presents all the of the wicked corruptions of Spiritual Effects by their Families. Having separated themselves from the Most High, unholy Ministering Spirits must resort to harnessing evil mindsets for their inspiration. Remember that their ability to use their Resolve to enact Spiritual Effects was a gift from the Most High and is not directly calling upon him to respond and empower them. Therefore, they are able to direct their abilities toward selfish and evil goals.

The words Sanctified and Righteous are used to describe improved versions of holy Spiritual Effects. They reflect the process of being made upright and blameless. Sanctified reflects the concept of being made honorable and upright by God. Righteous reflects the concept of being honorable and upright in your very nature. First you are Sanctified by God. Over time your nature begins to change and you can be made Righteous. To the converse, the words Defiled and Corrupt are used to describe improved versions of unholy Spiritual Effects. They reflect the process of being made vile. Defiled reflects the concept of being tainted and tarnished by external forces. Corrupt reflects the concept of having a vile and dishonest nature. First you are Defiled by rebellious actions. Eventually your nature changes and you become Corrupt.

Spiritual Effects are grouped in Families. These Spiritual Effects are related and are mastered in order of Progression, one Tier at a time. After learning all Spiritual Effects in Tier:1, they can start the Progression of Tier:2, and so on. The Ministering Spirit may not learn Spiritual Effects of a higher Tier than themselves.


Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

Tier 4


(1st Spiritual Effect learned)

(1st Tier 2 Effect) (1st Tier 3 Effect) (Only Tier 4)


(2nd Spiritual Effect learned) (2nd Tier 2 Effect) (2nd Tier 3 Effect)


(continue until Tier 1 completed) (complete Tier 2) (complete Tier 3)

The following information will help you interpret the information contained in the Spiritual Effect tables:

Tier is both a level of effectiveness the Spiritual Effect produces and the Tier the Ministering Spirit must be to learn the Effect. 

Class categories identify details about how the Spiritual Effect works.

  • Affecting Spiritual Effects cause some change for those affected.
  • Manifesting Spiritual Effects produce an effect that is symbolically manifested.
  • Immediate Spiritual Effects are used in the moment and do not need to be maintained.
  • Ongoing Spiritual Effects can be maintained Cycle after Cycle with the continuing use of Resolve.
  • Boosting Spiritual Effects provide some benefit to the recipient.
  • Resistible Spiritual Effects primarily involve a non-Wearing effect that can be Resisted.
  • Wearing Spiritual Effects center around Wear to either Endurance, Resolve, or Passion (WearE/R/P).
  • Self Spiritual Effects are centered on the Ministering Spirit using the Spiritual Effect.

(Rules for resolving Resistible, Wearing, and Boosting Effects are found in the Rules & Gameplay book.)

Allotment is the amount of Resolve that must be dedicated to initiate or maintain the Spiritual Effect. The total Allotments of all Spiritual Effects in use by the Ministering Spirit cannot exceed the Ministering Spirit's Resolve. There are three different varieties of Allotments: Fixed, Compounding, and Variable.

  • Fixed Allotments have an unchanging amount of Resolve dedicated toward their use.
  • Compounding Allotments require one amount of Resolve to be dedicated for the first Target and then a 2nd, different amount each time an additional Target is added.
  • Variable Allotments show a minimum and maximum amount of Resolve that can be dedicated toward the the use of the Spiritual Effect.  

Effect is a summation of what the Spiritual Effect accomplishes. This will be an abbreviated version with full information available in the Spiritual Effect’s description. 

The available Families of Spiritual Effects can be found in here: