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Serpent (constrictor)

snake simplu.jpgRepresents: Bondage, Addictions
Constrictor Serpents keep humans entangled in addictions or other controlling, restrictive life patterns. Those who are bound by these serpents have little to no concept of true freedom and what it could be like. Constrictor Serpents are very strong. They grapple others with their tail or body and squeeze the strength from them. Additionally, these Serpents can use the Spiritual Effect Bondage on their enemies causing strong chains to form around them. Serpents can strike swiftly, often surprising their foe who is unable to react.

Special Abilities

When using a known Maneuver, Martial Mastery grants the constrictor Serpent a bonus to Precision (or Guard, whichever is applicable) equal to half the Mastery Level of the Maneuver. 

While in Defensive Stance, Martial Mobility allows the constrictor Serpent to Move 2” each Activation unaffected by the penalties of Defensive Stance. This 2" is extended or reduced by other effects that extend or reduce distances travelled, such as the Songs Winds of Heaven and Tempest.

Strength in Struggle reflects the constrictor Serpent’s toughness by reducing Wear related to Strikes received by 10%. Wear related to Strikes dealt by a Serpent is increased by 10%. 

At 3rd Domain the Serpent also gains +1 to all Resist Checks.

Constrictor Serpents can use their strength of will to protect themselves. Resolute Stability allows Serpents to ignore Falter:1 each time Falter is applied to them. It also allows them to ignore one Defensive Hit being caused to them. Lastly, it reduces Wear related to Strikes received by 10%. 

Weapon Effects

Constrictor Serpents Strike suddenly and Grapple their enemies. Even if they fail to grapple the force of their impact can wear down and exert their prey. 

Weapon Effect 

Standard Effect 

Passion Effect 


12 = May Grapple

1 Exertion/Tier of Target


Serpents can make a Swift Strike that can leave their opponent no time to react. At 1st Domain the Serpent has these at a Mastery Level of 2. This increases to Mastery 3 at 2nd Domain, Mastery 4 at 3rd Domain, and Mastery 5 upon becoming a Serpent Beast.

Swift Strike (2 AP)

Swift Strike is so sudden the can leave the Target Surprised vs. the Strike. To avoid being Surprised, the Target must Pass a Swiftness Check vs. the Swiftness of the Serpent. The Target will have a penalty to the Check relative to the Mastery Level. Swift Strike can only be used as the first Strike the Serpent makes during their Activation.

Mastery Level 1

Target makes a Swiftness Check to avoid Surprise

must be first Strike in the Activation

Mastery Level 2

-1 Adjustment to Target's Swiftness Check to avoid Surprise

must be first Strike in the Activation

Mastery Level 3 

-2 Adjustments to Target's Swiftness Check to avoid Surprise

must be first Strike in the Activation

Mastery Level 4

-3 Adjustments to Target's Swiftness Check to avoid Surprise

must be first Strike in the Activation

Mastery Level 5

-4 Adjustments to Target's Swiftness Check to avoid Surprise

must be first Strike in the Activation


Spiritual Effects

Constrictor Serpents have the ability to use versions of the Spiritual Effect Bondage. 

Bondage from the Restriction Family

Effect Name









Adds Exertion to up to Tier:1 good 

Defiled Bondage




Adds Exertion to up to Tier:2 good 

Corrupt Bondage




6 less Precision vs. the MS; 27(9) WearR

Bondage allows the Serpent to hold its Target with strong chains. While held, the Target is Exposed. The chains begin to form when the Spiritual Effect is initiated, but do not actually constrict until the Target has Checked to Resist. If Resisted, the chains are broken. This Effect is Resistible using Might. 

Once the chains have Bound the Target, the Target or any other character in Melee Range can attempt to break the chains by making a Might Check vs. the Resolve invested into the Spiritual Effect and spending 3 Action Points and adding 3 Exertion for each attempt. If the chains are broken in this way, the Target is no longer Exposed, but does immediately Falter:3. 


If a Target is currently Bound, another Serpent may also add his own Bondage Spiritual Effect without triggering an immediate Resist Check. In this case, the Resolve invested into the Bondages are added together to determine the total that must be Checked against to break the Chains. This total cannot exceed the maximum allowable Resolve investment of the highest version affecting the elohim. If the initial Bondage is ended, the additional Bondage(s) will continue as the highest version still in use. 

Defiled Bondage increases the amount of Resolve that may be applied into the chains. If used on Tier:1, Defiled Bondage can affect 2 Targets. 

Corrupt Bondage further increases the maximum strength of the Dominion and can now stop all Tiers. If used on Tier:2 and lower, Corrupt Bondage can affect 2 Targets. If used on Tier:1, it can affect 4 Targets.


Constrictor Serpents are treated as Warrior-Ministering Spirits and also have exceptional Might, receiving an additional 21 at 1st Domain, this increases to 40 at 2nd Domain, 80 at 3rd Domain, and 144 once becoming a Serpent Beast.

Size and Mutations

Constrictor Serpents fit the standard rules of Occupying Space for elohim. However, the height is of course skewed when not standing upright. Also, like all bestial elohim, Serpents will gain varying Mutations when increasing in Tier.

The example below shows a sampling of constrictor Serpents increasing from 1st Domain to Serpent Beast. In this instance, the Mutations gained in order are: Keen Eyes, Stinging Tail, and Soaring Wings.